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Basic Services Offered By a Hot Water System Geelong Plumber

Posted by on April 27, 2020

Hot water systems are critical appliances in every modern home. However, many homeowners do not give them any attention until they break down or when the time to change them comes. We utilize water heater systems for different tasks at home. Without these appliances, simple activities like taking a shower and washing dishes can suddenly become quite difficult. If your water heater becomes faulty or you suspect that it’s time to change it, you should consult Hot Water System Geelong for suitable recommendations. There are numerous options available on the market for you. To get a more energy-efficient and suitable unit, here are some of the factors that you should put into consideration during your purchase.

1. Types of water heater systems

All water heaters are not the same, and that is probably the first thing that you need to consider before making your purchase. If you are not conversant with the types of water heaters and the set up that can suit your household, Hot Water System Geelong can help you with all that. Some of the common types of heaters include:

  • Heat pump: This heater utilizes electricity to assist in transferring heat from one part to another. You can use it for air conditioning purposes or as a stand-alone unit for water heating.
  • Storage tank: This option is the most common, and it’s found in many homes nowadays. The water in a storage tank is continually heated by natural gas, electricity, or propane. Once you turn the faucet on, the hot water in the top of your tank will flow through the pipes.
  • Solar: Water in this type of setup is usually heated by the sun. If the water isn’t hot enough, the heater will revert to the traditional heater to bring the water to your desired temperature.
  • Tankless: These models are also known as demand water heaters. In this setup, the water can only be heated once it flows through. The water will become hot immediately, so you don’t need a tank. It can be a perfect option for many homeowners because it is easy to set up and inexpensive.

2. Energy supply

You must install your new heater near an energy source or power supply line. Your water heater should be powered by natural gas, propane, solar, electricity, and geothermal energy, among other sources. Also, ensure that you install it in a strategic position to enhance easy connectivity.

3. Available space

Before buying a water heater system, you should begin by determining the space available for your new heater. Some homeowners install their water heater systems in the basements to save space. Nonetheless, you still need to take into consideration the available space in your basement. Besides, you can also choose to install your heater outdoors, especially in a shaded place to save space.

4. Size of the heater

The water heater size is based on the hot water requirements in your home. You should consider the amount of hot water you require when purchasing a water heater system. If you’ve got a big household, you need to go for a large water heater that can furnish all the hot water needs of your home. However, you should keep in mind that the bigger the heater, the more installation space it will need.

5. Accessibility

Your boiler or water heater system should be accessible with ease in case it becomes faulty, and you request the services of a Hot Water System Geelong plumber. You don’t want plumbing contractors spending many hours trying to get access to the appliance. You should also be able to access the device for regular DIY inspections easily.

Work with a professional Plumber

It’s important to get the right plumbing service to handle the installation of your new water heater. Not all plumbing contractors have the relevant experience when it comes to installing water heater systems. That’s because most water heater issues come as a result of poor installations. You can contact Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing today for all your hot water unit servicing, maintenance, and replacement needs.

These hot water system specialists will provide you with useful advice when it comes to installing new hot water systems. They can also advise on the best heater styles that best suit your household requirements, the size of the heater you need, and which one is more energy efficient to run. If you want to repair your water tank, the work will be done by a trained and experienced hot water Geelong plumber, and you can rest assured that you are in good hands.




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