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Blocked Drain Geelong: All You Need to Know.

Posted by on September 26, 2016

Every now and then residents in Geelong Australia deal with blocked drains. A Blocked Drain Geelong is a nightmare to many residents. Blocked Drain Geelong is an issue that requires special attention; Major blockage of the drains is caused by the introduction of foreign objects into the drains. Let us now discuss the causes of Blocked Drain Geelong.

Causes of Blocked Drain Geelong

As we have seen above, the major causes of drain blockage in Geelong is the introduction of foreign objects to the drain. The drains are not designed in a way to cope with larger objects. Such objects include baby wipes, sanitary products among others.

There are some inevitable causes of drain blockage. Some include the roots of trees; the roots infiltrate the drains blocking flushed material from flowing thus blocking the drain. After a heavy downpour, main drains tend to be blocked by washed soils, logs or tree leaves and thereby affecting even home drains.

Other causes include:

– Toilet papers and bathroom wipes – toilet drain blockage is mostly caused by the toilet papers. This happens when you flush large pieces of toilet papers at once. Additionally, we have a tendency of throwing the wipes into the toilet instead of placing them in a bin.

– Soap Scruffs- as soaps get in contact with water; there is a formation of thick white substances. These accumulate in the drain over time and eventually cause a blockage.

– Food leftovers – while washing dishes, you should ensure that you first throw all left over substances in a bin. These small particles when flushed down to the sink drain, will cause a blockage.

The most affected areas are the sinks and the toilet. These are crucial parts of a house and therefore if they get blocked you should immediately call Blocked Drain Geelong specialist to help you. Read on to understand what happens next when drains are blocked.

Signs of Blocked Drain Geelong

To know that the drains are blocked you will see the following signs:

– The toilet takes some time to level up or drawback to normal.

– Bad odour from the toilet, sinks, bathrooms as well as laundry.

– Showers files up with water and instead of water draining, it starts to retreat.

– Toilet wastes do not disappear after flushing and after waiting, the water levels lower very slowly.

Remedies of Blocked Drain Geelong

There are various types of remedies to rectify blocked drain Geelong. Some can be done individually while other requires experts. Some Blocked Drain Geelong require authorities’ interventions; for example, cases resulting from heavy rains. DIY methods of rectifying Blocked Drain Geelong include:

Natural remedies – use baking soda and boiling water. First, you pour the baking soda followed by the boiling water, then wait for few minutes. Later add a cup or two of baking soda followed by white vinegar. You will hear a sizzling noise coming out of the drain, after two minutes add boiling water and it’s done.

Chemical remedies – there are many chemicals specifically designed to unblock Blocked Drain Geelong. They are available in local stores in Geelong. These chemicals dissolve fats in the drain and remove bad odour. You will need advice on which chemical suits your drain because some are for specific problems.

If these two methods don’t work, it is time now to get help from an expert. Also, you may not want to unblock the Blocked Drain Geelong by yourself so this is where experts come in, read on to find out what they do.

Hire Experts to Unblock Blocked Drain Geelong

Due to Blocked Drain Geelong, a lot of companies have come up specializing in unblocking drains. In case you lack confidence, expertise or you don’t have time to unblock Blocked Drain Geelong, these experts are just a call away. You wouldn’t want someone to work on your drain and end up messing around with your drains. It is therefore important to be confident in which plumbing company you choose. Below are the characteristics of good Blocked Drain Geelong experts.

Characteristics of Good Blocked Drain Geelong Experts

They have all the necessary equipment to have the work done. Most experts work for long hours and in case your drain is blocked at late hours they are available to help. Most of Blocked Drain Geelong companies have a 24 hours call line. You can reach them and book and appointment with them. The experts offer additional services such as commercial plumbing, gas plumbing, and roof plumbing, leaking taps among other services. If you find it difficult to get the best company, ask around, your friends may have had an experience in hiring a plumber to solve Blocked Drain Geelong.



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