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Contact a Reliable Plumber to Repair your Burst Pipe in Geelong

Posted by on June 22, 2020


A burst pipe can cause significant damage to your Geelong property, primarily if flooding occurs. It is essential to contact a reliable plumber to fix the leaking or burst pipe fast to avoid costly repairs.

Consequences of having a burst pipe

The effects of each scenario can affect you and your family directly. For instance, living in a damp and wet property can cause various health hazards, including respiratory problems. Besides, flooding can damage your furniture, home appliances, and other valuable items. In severe cases, the burst pipe can cause displacement, making it necessary to find a place to stay.

What can cause a burst pipe in Geelong?

Leaking or burst water pipes can lead to high water bills. You may experience reduced water pressure that can indicate a slow leak that may damage your property’s foundation and cause mold growth. It is essential to stay informed about the causes of burst pipes, so it is easy to work towards a solution. When you notice a leaking or burst pipe in your property, the following could be the cause:

  • Tree roots: This is among the most surprising, but common reasons for a burst pipe in homes. Roots grow naturally towards the source of water. Loose or weak points in the water line are the perfect target for tree roots. The roots can wrap around the water pipe until it bursts.
  • Frozen or collapsed pipe: Extremely low temperatures may cause pipes to freeze and burst. Also, if there is an ongoing construction near your property, the activities may cause the soil to shift, increasing weight on the pipe, forcing it to rapture.
  • Corrosion: With time, aged pipes may burst due to corrosion. Some materials like steel can corrode easily. Hire a professional plumber for regular plumbing maintenance to keep your water pipes in excellent condition.

Other factors that may contribute to a leaking or burst pipe include loose water connectors, broken seals, or damaged joints. Also, extreme water pressure and heavy clogging are among the common causes of pipe leaks and bursts.

Whom should I call in Geelong to fix my burst pipes?

If you are dealing with a burst pipe in Geelong, whether late at night or during the holidays, contact Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing for effective repair services. Our team of technicians has decades of experience in repairing burst pipes, among other plumbing issues.

The team of technicians at Geelong, 24 Hour Plumbing, has access to state-of-the-art equipment and tools that help us fix a leaking or burst pipe. We have a response team that is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Due to our expertise and decades of experience, we can repair or replace your pipes to meet or exceed your expectations.

Our team of highly trained plumbers is conversant with a wide range of pipes, including those made of lead, PVC, metal, copper, or stainless steel. We are a leading plumbing company in the city of Geelong.

Do not wait until a burst pipe causes significant damage to your property. Contact Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing to have your burst pipe in Geelong fixed by reputable professionals. You can reach us at 1300 368 866 for effective plumbing installation, service, and maintenance. We also offer other plumbing-related services such as unblocking blocked drains and fixing leaking taps, hot water systems, among other services.




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