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Five smart ways to unblock a blocked drain Geelong

Posted by on January 10, 2016

A blocked drain can be discomforting and the consequences health threatening. This happens the moment you begin to notice water taking a longer time to drain or water pooling around your feet when you’re inside the shower. The culprits are endless from hair to soap residue. You don’t need to call a plumber, these five smart ways will help you unclog your blocked drain Geelong in no time.

Boiling water on blocked drain Geelong

This is about the easiest of all the methods for unclogging blocked drain Geelong. It does not require any special material. All you have to do is pour some water in a kettle and boil it. Once the water is hot, pour it in the drain, allowing it settle and work before the next pour.

Use baking soda and water for blocked drain Geelong

Just like boiling water, this method is suggested for those who are sure they have no solid element blocking their drain. First, boil some water and pour half into the drain. Pour the other half into a bowl and add one-third of a cup of baking soda, and allow it to rest for about four to five minutes. You should then add a cup of vinegar, mix well, before pouring the mixture in the sink. This blocked drain Geelong method works best when you allow it to stay for about 25 minutes before flushing it down.

Unclog blocked drain Geelong with bent wire hanger

This is another very simple and smart way to unclog your drain without any problems. Get a normal coat hanger, straighten it out and create a hook at the end. Introduce the hook end of the wire into the sink and start fishing out hair and other debris. In this method for blocked drain Geelong, you should only use the wire to remove debris and not push it inside.

Wet and dry vacuum for blocked drain Geelong

If you have a wet and dry vacuum, you have one of the best devices for unclogging blocked drain Geelong. Also, this is the option to choose if all methods failed and you want to show the drain who is the boss. Set the vacuum to liquid and cover the vent. Make sure you create a strong seal on the drain before turning on the vacuum. The vacuum has different settings so choose what is best for you. Using vacuum for blocked drain Geelong is effective because it has the capacity to suck up all the dirt and deposit it in the vacuum bag with ease.

Caustic soda and blocked drain Geelong

You need to take a lot of precaution, like wearing gloves and goggles, if you choose this method. Add three cups of caustic soda into a three-quarter of water in a bowl. Stir well with a wooden spoon before pouring into your blocked drain. For this blocked drain Geelong method to work well, let the caustic soda stay for 25 – 40 minutes before flushing with water.
Every single one of these methods for unclogging blocked drain Geelong works. However, you need to choose the best option for yourself, depending on your situation.


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