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Four Top Reasons to Contact an Emergency Plumber for Residential Services

Posted by on July 4, 2022

Taking care of repairs and maintenance problems in a home can be very challenging and exhausting. In fact, understanding what to do, and when to do it is not as easy as some people may think. This is especially true when your household budget is limited, and the costs of paying for home maintenance and repairs are constantly rising. Therefore, you need to always have a plan that will help you to minimize the costs, especially in situations that involve taking care of emergency plumbing problems.

Fortunately, not all plumbing problems are the same, and you can save money by taking your time to make an informed decision before you take any action. On the other hand, however, some plumbing problems are emergencies that cannot be delayed until a later time. Whatever the situation, you need to be very familiar with what is a plumbing emergency and what’s not.

So, let’s discuss some of the scenarios in which you will need to contact an emergency plumber for their help right away.

1. No Hot Water

If you or a family member discovers that you no longer have hot water in your kitchen or bathroom, you need to know what is happening without delay. In some cases, this type of problem may not be a huge deal at all, based on the problem that exists. However, if this problem is caused by a problem with your home’s gas line, it is an emergency that needs to be handled by an emergency plumber in Geelong immediately. For instance, if you smell gas inside your home at any time, call 911 for immediate emergency assistance.

2. Sewer System Backup

Another emergency problem that you need to be aware of before it happens is the sewer system backup. In fact, this plumbing emergency is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. Typically, in these situations, raw sewage may be seen running out of a bathroom faucet or even in the kitchen sink. In either of these examples, you need a 24-7 emergency plumber to help you with diagnosing and starting the repair process asap.

3. Your Toilet Is Overflowing

Even though some emergency plumbing problems may not be as difficult to repair as a sewage system backing up, they can still be emergencies that can cause a lot of disruption in the home. When the toilet is overflowing, and all of your hard work in plunging is not clearing the issue, it is probably related to a sewage blockage, and an emergency plumber in Geelong is needed as soon as you can make the call.

4. Pipes Burst in your Kitchen or Your Bathroom

If you are living in an older home in Australia, the chances of pipes bursting due to corroded and damaged pipes may grow each year. Unfortunately, if this does become an issue, you need to react as quickly as possible. Because this is a problem that can grow into a lot of water damage in your home, you need an emergency plumber to help to minimize this damage and any costs associated with these types of repairs.

Who to Contact in an Emergency?

Homeownership comes with many different types of responsibilities. One of the most important is learning how to handle emergency situations quickly, particularly when it comes to addressing plumbing problems that affect the health and safety of your family. From recognizing the signs and symptoms of sewage backing up to contacting an emergency plumber when someone smells gas inside the home, you need to know exactly what to do, and who to contact anytime during the day or night.

So, whenever an emergency is encountered, you can contact Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing at 1300 363 866 at any time of the day or night. Our experts are trained and highly recommended for a wide range of plumbing emergency services, including pipes that have burst, gas leaks, overflowing toilets, no hot running water, sewage backup and a lot more.



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