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Posted by on August 3, 2020

Having a blocked toilet in Geelong without doing anything about it can pose a great health hazard for you and the people with whom you live. Apart from that, this emergency plumbing problem can do significant damage both structurally and financially.

1. Potential Health Hazard a Blocked Toilet can Pose

If not addressed urgently, this emergency plumbing problem can turn your toilet space into a rich breeding ground for many disease-causing bacteria such as Salmonella and Shigella, which are known for typhoid, and an intestinal disease called “shigellosis”, respectively.

2. Potential Structural Damage a Blocked Toilet Can Do

When it comes to structural damage, a blocked toilet can cause your drain pipe to rupture as a result of the overwhelming internal pressure exerted by the stagnant wastewater, and urine plus fecal matter. This can lead to more serious emergency plumbing problems, complicating matters further. Additionally, the wastewater spilled out of the toilet can stain and damage the floor and walls of your toilet, diminishing the value of your home to a greater extent.

3. Potential Financial Damage a Blocked Toilet Can Do

As far as financial damages are concerned, a blocked toilet can cause a lot of dollars to fix, depending on how complicated the blockage is. The damage to the floor and walls of your toilet may not be cheap to correct either. In some cases, the discomfort and health risks that a blocked toilet poses may compel you to spend money on an unplanned alternative accommodation even as you let your drain technician tackle the plumbing problem. This can leave you a few hundred dollars poorer. In a serious blocked toilet case scenario, the awful smell coming from your property can even irritate your neighbours. This can culminate with you being fined considerably setting you back financially.

Things to Avoid Flushing Down the Toilet

To avoid having a blocked toilet in Geelong, you should not let the following objects go into your toilet;

  •     Sanitary pads, diapers and toiletries
  •     Paper towels
  •     Condoms
  •     Hair
  •     Fats, oil, and grease, especially from cosmetic products
  •     Cotton balls and swabs
  •     Soil, dirt, and debris
  •     Prescription medication, especially capsule tablets
  •     Cigarette remains
  •     Other objects that will not easily dissolve in water

Simple DIY Methods of Fixing a Blocked Toilet

Sometimes a blocked toilet can be as easy to fix as following the simple DIY methods explained below;

1. Manually Pulling Out the Blockage with Gloves

When the blockage is within hand’s reach, there is no need to call in a plumber. All you must do to unblock the toilet is to pull the blockage out of the toilet, using your hand. Before you start, make sure to put on a pair of quality gloves for the task to avoid contacting potential infections.

2. Pumping Away the Blockage with a Toilet Plunger

Another simple DIY method for unblocking a toilet you can try before reaching out to a plumber is using a basic tool called a plunger to pump away the blockage. Toilet plungers are readily available in various hardware stores near you.

To use the plunger, submerge the tool, making sure the rubber top is inside the water, and the rubber ring is inserted directly into the drain opening. Then push and pull on the handle with quick thrusts for a few seconds without lifting the plunger out of the drain. Once the clog is dislodged and pumped away, flush the toilet to clear away the blockage. Note: Should the blockage be further down the drain and beyond your skills, you will need to call in a professional immediately.

Reliable and Trustworthy Blocked Toilet Plumbers in Geelong

At Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing, we have the experience, knowledge, and the latest equipment to fix all types of blocked toilets. Call us today to service and maintain your blocked toilets, using state-of-the-art equipment and tools like a drain camera. Apart from fixing blocked toilets, we also repair burst pipes, hot water systems, leaking taps, broken gas fixtures, and so on. You can call us on 1300 368 866 twenty-four hours a day.

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