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Information on Hot Water Systems in Geelong

Posted by on July 18, 2022

Hot water systems have been around for decades and have helped contribute to the comfort of many homes in Geelong. They are designed to provide a safe, clean, and hot water supply for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and laundry. As modern amenities increase with the many different appliances we’re using daily; it is important to think about installing a system that can provide enough hot water for these needs. The good news is there are now various types of hot water systems available on the market, so it should be possible to find one that fits your family’s needs.”

Only use a licensed plumber to install your hot water system

A qualified licensed plumber will be able to assist you in deciding which hot water system will be the most suitable for your home or business. There are numerous factors which the plumber will have to consider to be able to determine the right system for your home.

  •  What source of power supply do you have? Gas, electricity or solar assisted.
  •  How many people live in the house and their hot water requirements.
  •  Where to install the system and the amount of space available.
  •  Do you require an instant hot water system which only heats the water as required, or the conventional system with a storage tank which always stores boiling water in the tank?

Where to find a qualified plumber to install your hot water system

Geelong, 24 Hour Plumbing, has the experience and knowledge to repair or install new hot water systems in homes and businesses. Here’s why we’re your best choice for all your plumbing needs:

  • We’re experienced with designing and installing hot water systems and repairing and maintaining them.
  • We can help with hot water heating, storage tanks, and service. If your system is not efficient enough, we can add extra storage tank capacity or a solar system to heat the water on site. This will give you more options when using your new hot water system. A high-efficiency solar-assisted hot water system is the most energy-efficient way to heat water. It uses less energy than conventional solar energy systems by using a boiler which allows you to use the excess heat that would be otherwise wasted to cope during cold weather periods.
  • We have a wide range of hot water systems to choose from. Many people in Geelong previously installed hot water systems that are no longer efficient enough for their needs. In most cases, we will be able to help you find a solution to ensure you have sufficient hot water.
  • We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure your new system is installed correctly and will function efficiently for years to come. If your current system has been installed with plastic pipes or low-quality components which can be prone to leaking, it makes sense to replace it with an updated system that can last for decades and save you money in the long run.

Ready to start? The cost of a hot water system can vary depending on the amount of water you wish to supply or the size of your family. Call Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing today to find out more information on hot water systems or contact us at 1300 368 866.



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