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Installation and Repair of a Hot Water System

Posted by on July 5, 2021

A hot water system is one of the most essential appliances that are found both in the home and business setting. Keeping your hot water system in tip-top condition should be a priority. A bust hot water system can rob you of a refreshing hot shower after a day’s hard work. There are four major types of hot water systems available in the Australian market.

1. Electric Hot Water System

Electric hot water systems generally work similarly to electric kettle. An element located inside the storage heats the water. The hot water is then stored in the storage tank and is ready to be used on demand.

This type of water system is one of the most pocket-friendly options in the market. They take little space, produce hot water on demand, convenient, and relatively easy to use. The downside is that they are less energy-efficient, do not provide hot water during a power outage, and are expensive in the long run.

2. Gas Hot Water System

Just like the name implies, a gas hot water system uses gas to heat water. They are pretty similar to the electric type with the major difference being that they use a gas burner rather than a heating element.

You must be connected to a natural or LPG gas grid if you are thinking of installing this type of hot water system in Geelong. It is ideal for large families as they have a large recovery rate and are faster than the electric hot water system. You can choose the gas continuous flow or gas hot water storage tanks according to preference.

Though they are expensive to install and there is a risk of explosion, gas hot water systems offer some substantial advantages. They can supply a limitless amount of hot water even during power outages and have a relatively low cost of operation.

3. Solar

As more and more people are ‘going green’, solar hot water systems are becoming even more popular. Instead of using electricity or gas, this type uses the sun’s energy to heat your water. The system uses an array of solar panels that are installed on the roof.

The solar hot water system is Eco-friendly and is powered by solar energy that is not only freely available but also renewable. As a backup measure, the system is also connected to gas or electricity so that you can have a cold shower even when it is not sunny.

This type is very energy efficient, is easy to use, and has a low running cost. The disadvantage of installing this system is that its effectiveness depends on sunshine levels, high initial costs, and requires enough roof space.

4. Heat Pump Water Heater

A heat pump water heater system uses the same concept used by refrigerators but in reverse. Instead of generating heat directly a heat pump extracts heat from the air using a small amount of electricity. This heat is then transferred to the water.

A heat pump is highly energy-efficient compared to other water heating systems. It is great for large families, has exceptionally low running costs, and lasts longer. You will have to contend with high installation costs and the relatively loud noise it emits while in operation.

Electric, Gas or Solar: Which One Is Best For You?

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