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Services Offered By a Geelong Emergency Plumber

Posted by on September 14, 2020

Every homeowner or business owner experiences some plumbing complications at some point in time. Some of the problems you encounter in your home or business premises can be very annoying to handle, and most of them need the attention of a licensed emergency plumbing contractor. In most cases, plumbing issues can cause massive damage to your residential or commercial property. As a result, it’s always good to contact a professional plumber with prior experience to handle such problems. Here are some of the plumbing-related services offered by Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing.

Sewer and drain unblocking services

Sewer lines are responsible for removing all the waste from your residential or commercial property, and also pipe it to the main sewer beneath your street. If a sewer system is presently invaded by roots or even corroded, it might break, and that may require the attention of a licensed emergency plumber. Some of the signs of sewer backups include clogged drains, bad odor, uneven water levels in toilets, as well as some stains and cracks in the basement. If you notice any of these signs, you should call a plumbing service to help investigate the situation.

Burst and leaking pipes

When you experience broken or leaking pipes in your residential property or business premises, you should first turn off the main water valve and then call an emergency plumber. If you can’t locate your water valve, the plumber can help you locate the main valves you must turn off in the event of plumbing emergencies. In most cases, homeowners try fixing leaking and burst pipes themselves, but only experienced plumbers should do the necessary repairs or replacements. Ensure that your plumbing service inspects the entire plumbing system for any other possible damage.

Hot water system services

Hot water system issues can become plumbing emergencies, especially if they occur during the cold months in residential places with small kids, senior adults, or individuals with health problems. Some problems may be fixed quite easily like igniting the pilot light. Usually the system will have clear instructions on how to do this stuck to the cover of the pilot light housing cover plate. However, if you cannot find the reason why your hot water system is not functioning, then you need to call Geelong 24 Hour plumbing service.

Gas plumbing services

Plumbing contractors also provide gas plumbing services. You should consult an emergency plumber as fast as possible when you suspect gas leaks in your property. That’s because such leaks can lead to massive damage to property, especially when explosions or fires occur. If you would like gas fitting services and new gas installations in your residential property, you should only consult an experienced plumbing contractor. Since gas-related problems can be quite dangerous, the issues must always get handled by a gas fitter expert. If not handled properly, gas issues can cause fire and explosions, leading to severe damage and loss of property.

Plumbing system inspections

If you experience a blockage or slow drains in your home or business premises, you should contact a plumbing professional to carry out a thorough inspection of the entire plumbing system to determine if there are some more lingering issues. For instance, if you live in an old house and you suspect that your plumbing system is older than 25 years, you may have to replace a portion of the system.

If you find yourself in any of the emergency plumbing situations highlighted above, you should call Geelong 24 Hour plumbing on 1300 368 866 for professional assistance. Also, before making any home upgrades, you should get expert advice from an experienced professional who can help you complete your home upgrades and renovations without causing damages to your home’s plumbing system.




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