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Is Your Sink Blocked – How to Unblock a Blocked Drain Geelong

Posted by on June 24, 2019

When a pool of water collects around the sink, its normal to start to feel frustrated and worried. It can be costly to call out a plumber Geelong, but the good news is a blocked drain Geelong is easy enough to unblock yourself. A normal house owner can usually unblock a drain in less than two hours. This obviously depends on how bad the blocked drain Geelong sink is. The article below will give you a couple of tips to unblock it yourself.

Clean the Strainer or Stopper of the blocked drain Geelong sink

Many blockages collect around the strainer or stopper in the sink or bathtub. To unblock the blocked drain Geelong, all you may need to do is remove the strainer and clean it. Here are a few simple tips:

  • If there is a strainer over the blocked drain Geelong, you should remove any screws holding the strainer in place and then pry the strainer up with the tip of a standard screwdriver. If the strainer is loose, remove and wash away anything that has collected around the strainer and clean around the top of the drain.
  • Stoppers should be cleaned on a regular basis since hair tends to twist around their base. Firstly, you should remove the sink stopper. Some stoppers can be removed by turning them with your fingers. Other stoppers require that you unscrew a pivot rod that is connected to the opener. This rod is located under the base of the sink. If you need to use pliers to remove the stopper, make sure to pad them so you don’t chip the chrome finish. Once the stopper has been removed, clean it and wipe out the base of the drain opening.

Using a Plunger to unblock your blocked drain Geelong

One of the most trusted and used tools for unclogging a blocked drain Geelong, the plunger, can usually clear the blockage if it’s not too far down the main drain. Follow these tips to make plunging work for you:

  • Block off the overflow holes, other drains in adjacent sinks, or any other openings by stuffing wet rags into the holes.
  • If water is not already present in the sink, run two to three inches of water over the drain hole. The water helps to force the obstruction out of the way and lets you know when you succeed in pushing the blockage out.
  • Place a thick layer of petroleum jelly to the rim of the plunger. The petroleum jelly helps to create a tighter seal, thereby producing better suction.
  • Force the plunger handle downwards powerfully numerous times. After plunging for a minute or two, stop to test whether water will drain from your sink. Try plunging again if the drain is still slow to drain. When the drain is clear, run hot water to flush away any remaining particles from the clog.

If the above methods fail it’s time to call a Geelong Plumber. Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing is your local plumber Geelong who specializes in clearing blocked drain Geelong. They have the most modern and sophisticated equipment to unblock your drain quickly and without causing further damage. Give them a ring any time of the day or night for prompt service. Call 1300 368 866 now.


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If You Have a Blocked Drain Geelong Who Do You Call

Posted by on June 17, 2019

Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing is a blocked drain Geelong specialist

Blocked Drain Geelong by Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing is a plumbing service that specialises in assisting people with blocked drainage. They assist when you have blocked storm water drains. They help when you have a blocked sink drain. They assist to unblock sewer blockages. They will assist you when you need unblocking of your toilet. The great thing about Blocked Drain Geelong is that you can call them weekdays and during the weekends. They are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Common problems you can have with a blocked drain Geelong

Here are the common toilet problems that are encountered:

  • Toilet bowl filling up and water continuous flushing,
  • Toys or objects lodged in the toilet,
  • Sewer blockage issues.
  • Kitchen and dishwasher blocked drains,
  • Laundry sink,
  • Clogged or blocked bathroom drains,
  • Toilet blockage,
  • Down-pipe blockage,
  • Blocked or overflowing storm water pits,
  • Blocked sewer pipe or drain, and wet ground areas around your house or business.

Blocked Drain Geelong can use a drain camera Geelong to inspect your blocked pipes. This is the modern way to find any blocked drain Geelong problems. Once the camera has determined where the blockage is, only that portion of the pipes will need to be repaired. This avoids digging up large areas of your garden to find the blockage.

We also carry all the latest equipment used to clear blocked drains. This allows us to do the job quickly and properly and will get your home or business back to normal ASAP.

Services offered by blocked drain Geelong

Blocked Drain Geelong other services include commercial maintenance, renovations, blocked drains, factory maintenance, tap repairs, installation of hot water systems, property service checks to investigate excessive water bill, and insurance plumbing works.

All our vehicles are manned by a qualified and certified plumber Geelong. They carry spare parts for a range of plumbing problems so in an emergency be it day or night they can solve your problem. If the problem cannot be fixed immediately our plumbers will make the problem safe and isolate it so as not to interfere with the rest of your plumbing service.


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Burst Pipe Geelong – Video on Burst Pipe Geelong 10 June 2019

Posted by on June 10, 2019


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Services Offered by your Local Plumber Geelong

Posted by on June 3, 2019

Your Local plumber Geelong is friendly and qualified

Local Plumber Geelong is a title that comes with solid ingredients added. A friendly company with the best qualifications. Local Plumber Geelong will ensure satisfaction in every way. The best Local Plumber Geelong will provide up-to-date solutions in a friendly and qualified manner. Your plumbing troubles will be solved with a Local Plumber Geelong who is outstanding in every way.

Your local plumbers are experts in plumbing problems and solutions

Your Local Plumber Geelong is expertly-trained to diagnose any plumbing problem. A local plumber can manage and detect plumbing issues that plague any commercial or residential environment. Local Plumber Geelong has the needed tools and materials to get the job done right the first time. These are the experts to count on who will resolve your plumbing problems.

Your local plumber should subscribe to ongoing training

Local Plumber Geelong is a professional company whose staff receive ongoing training. They strive to find the best solutions while staying up-to-date with the latest plumbing technology. Local Plumber Geelong receives training in the following areas:

  • enhanced diagnostics
  • safety in all practices
  • the latest methods
  • safety precautions
  • current technology
  • current prevention techniques and maintenance
  • money saving ideas

Local Plumber Geelong will continue with ongoing training to provide superior and up-to-date services to each customer. This is a company that strives to stay current with all relevant updates and products.

Valuable Services Provided by your local plumber Geelong

The competent plumber will ensure that you are top priority. The following services are available and provided by a highly qualified technician:

  • all types of plumbing repairs
  • leak detection
  • plumbing replacements
  • piping and re-piping
  • fixtures
  • installations
  • valve repair and replacements
  • much more

Valuable services by a qualified and competent plumber are available to you at any time.

Local plumber Geelong endeavors to give you a price that fits into your budget

Each customer will appreciate receiving a price that will fit right into your budget. You may expect clear communication in every way. There will not be any surprise costs. The professional plumber will present you with the facts. You may expect superior solutions at a price that will fit into your budget.

Get customer service with a smile from your local plumber Geelong

When you need plumbing services, you will want friendly and fast customer services served with a smile. You can expect timely service in a friendly manner. The professionals will see that your plumbing problems are solved. Every customer deserves exceptional customer service from a qualified plumbing service, going above and beyond to ensure that each customer is 100 percent satisfied in every way.


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Installing a Hot Water System Geelong

Posted by on May 27, 2019

A hot water system is used to supply hot water for use in a home or business. There are different methods used to heat the water to the required temperature. Attached to the system are pipes that deliver the hot water to where it will be used. A hot water system has several uses at home including bathing, cooking, cleaning and can also be further heated to steam which has several uses like steaming of food.

There are different types of hot water system Geelong used to heat the water. The most common include: –

Solar hot water system

This system makes use of solar energy from the sun to do the heating. It is used for small scale heating and where the water is not to be heated to very high temperatures. Water from a solar heater can be used for bathing and cooking.

Electric hot water system Geelong

This is a heating system where water is heated by an electrical heating element. The water is then stored in a tank. This system is very common for use in our bathrooms and kitchens.

Gas hot water system Geelong

This is one of the most common hot water systems used in Australia. The gas can heat the water up extremely quickly and some systems are referred to as instant or continuous hot water systems. It heats the water on demand as it passes through a system of pipes and therefore does not have to store the hot water in a tank. The advantage of this hot water system Geelong is that you will not run out of hot water.

Geothermal heating system

This system uses hot gases from the center of the earth to heat water. It is not common as it is only in countries which experience volcanic activities.

Before you install a hot water system Geelong, it is important to consider the following to get the best out of your expenditure.

Uses of the hot water

Solar water heater would be the most economical for bathing water and water for cleaning as this water does not need to be heated to high temperatures. Water for cooking may call for use of electricity.

Cost implication of a hot water system Geelong

It is also important that you consider the cost of the system to avoid being stuck halfway in your project. This would mean that you see whether the finances you have will take the project to completion.

Availability of the source of heat or fuels

Using a solar heater would call for the availability of solar energy. Installing such a system in cold places would be an uninformed decision which will just lead to loses.

Environmental effect of your hot water system Geelong

Since the heating of your hot water system Geelong could affect the environment it is good that you consider minimising the risk of polluting the atmosphere.

A professional plumber Geelong can advise you on choosing the best and most economical hot water system Geelong for your home.


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How to Repair A Leaking Tap Geelong.

Posted by on May 20, 2019

Leaking Tap Geelong is a common phenomenon in most households.

It is annoying to see that your tap is leaking since it leads to wastage of water and money. But the good thing about it is that you can fix it yourself by just following some simple steps.

The most obvious reason why your tap is leaking is that either the washer or the O-ring is worn out and needs replacement. Sometimes it could be due to the damage on the valve. These problems are encountered if the piping is aging or the water pressure is above the required magnitude.

The following easy steps can help you fix a leaking tap Geelong in your home.

First you should turn off the water supply to the tap at the main valve. The main valve could be in the street or in the front of your yard. If you reside within a flat the main valve is in most cases located in the bathroom or in the laundry.

Assemble the right tools for the job to repair your leaking tap Geelong. They include spanners and any screwdrivers that will suit your tap type. For safety wear gloves while handling those tools and keep them away from children.

Now you get to the actual work in repairing your leaking tap Geelong. It is advisable that you keep the plug in the basin to avoid disappearance of some of the tap sub-assemblies and to make sure that they don’t get in to the drain which may lead to blockages.

Remove the cover with a flat head screwdriver. This will expose the screws. Undo these screws so that you can remove the handle.

Sometimes the tap may have a metallic cover. You can use you hand or wrench to unscrew it. To avoid scratching the chrome, make sure that you place a piece of cloth between the chrome and the wrench.

Remove the tap’s bonnet (headgear) by use of a spanner or a pipe wrench. Avoid using too much force on the nut to prevent fracturing or damaging the pipework. Any damage to the pipe would cause leakages hence you will be forced to seek help from a plumber Geelong.

Sometimes the nut could be stiff and difficult to turn so you should apply some penetrating oil at the joint. Give it some time to soak usually around ten minutes and try again.

When you have completely removed the headgear, you should see body washer, the jumper valve and the 0-ring. The jumper valve will fall by itself.  

In some taps the washer has a nut (usually 8mm) holding it. You should remove this nut with a spanner. Apply soaking oil if it is difficult to turn and try again after soaking. If it still difficult to remove, you may be required to replace the washer and the jumper valve as one single unit to enable yourself to repair your leaking tap Geelong.

After fitting the damaged/ leaking part, you should apply some grease on the threads before reassembling.

Now you can reassemble your leaking tap Geelong, close it and open the water at the main valve and check if there are any leakages.

Should you have any difficulty in repairing your leaking tap Geelong then don’t waste any further time. Just call Geelong24 Hour Plumbing who will fix your Leaking Tap Geelong before you know it.


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Hot Water System Geelong – Repair & Installations

Posted by on May 13, 2019

The average household plumbing system represents an investment of approximately fifteen percent of the value of the house. No part of the house is more important. Nothing in the house is used more often. A smoothly functioning plumbing system is a pin to health and adds to the convenience of modern living nowadays.

These tips and hints were written with the objective of helping homeowners as well as renters keep their hot water system Geelong in good operating condition. The sale value of a house with sound plumbing is far greater than that of a house where plumbing is in poor repair.

Warranties on hot water systems vary depending on what system you have – the actual hot water cylinder itself will have a warranty of somewhere between five to ten years at most. Warranties on the electrics (thermostat and element) and valves (pressure relief, duo valve, etc) are usually 12 months. These are manufacturers warranties and apply to most systems.

Having said that, the average life of a hot water system Geelong is around 10-12 years although we have replaced systems that were more than 30 years old.

It is a sad fact of life that sooner or later your hot water system Geelong will begin to leak from somewhere and the following gives you an idea of what it could be and what you can do about it.

There can be nothing more annoying than a leaking hot water system Geelong, particularly if the unit is located inside the home.

There are only a few places that a hot water system Geelong can leak from. The pressure and temperature relief valve (ptr valve) is located near the top of the unit and to one side of your hot water system and will have a small lever on it. This lever should be gently lifted approximately every six months or so to flush the valve free of accumulated debris. Be careful when you do this as hot water will come out of the relief line under pressure – keep all your valuable body parts out of the way!

After 10 seconds or so, gently let the lever back down and the flow will stop. The relief valve is designed to leak small amounts of water particularly on the heating cycle (after someone has had a shower for example) to stop the excessive buildup of pressure inside the hot water system Geelong itself. These valves will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced. If you notice water running from the relief line on a regular basis the valve needs to be replaced. The longer you let it run the higher your electricity bill is going to be as the unit is constantly heating water even though you are not using it – hot water is running out the relief line and cold water is coming in to the bottom of the tank to be heated continuously.

Another place a hot water system Geelong can leak from is the element gasket.

The element will be near the bottom of the hot water system Geelong where the electrical wires enter and is covered by a box or plate. The element has a rubber gasket around it where it penetrates the tank itself and these do perish over time which will cause leakage. Obviously, leaks from this area should be treated as a matter of urgency due to the proximity of the leak to the electrical supply. Do not, under any circumstances try to fix this yourself – water and electricity do not mix and can make your hair curly – this is dangerous! The unit usually needs to be drained and the element removed to allow replacement of the gasket. Sometimes the area where the element bolts on to the tank is too corroded to allow the bolts to be tightened up enough to allow the new element gasket to get an effective seal. If this is the case the hot water system Geelong will require replacement as there is no repair available for this problem. Always use a qualified tradesman when dealing with any aspect of your electricity system and supply – it simply is not worth risking your life for the sake of a few dollars.

Another place the unit can leak is from the cylinder itself.

In the great majority of cases a leaking hot water cylinder means the unit is beyond repair and will also require replacement.

If you are in the market to buy a new hot water system, consider: size, energy, cost and brand. Consider the current and future size of your family. Different brands have different efficiency ratings. Hot water systems that cost more than others, may save you money in the long run.

If you are having issues with your hot water system, call the expert hot water system Geelong plumbers. Call Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing for efficient and prompt repairs and replacements of you hot water system.


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Blocked Drain Geelong – Video on Blocked Drain Geelong 6 May 2019

Posted by on May 6, 2019


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Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing – Expert in Plumber Geelong Services

Posted by on April 29, 2019

Geelong 24 hour plumbing is an expert Plumber Geelong service company. Whether you require domestic or commercial plumbing services, we will be at your aid. We help restore the peace and sanity in your premises by eliminating the inconveniences at your home or workplace that may be caused by plumbing issues. Therefore, if you are in Geelong and are having a plumbing issue, do not hesitate to call us.

Services offered by plumber Geelong

We offer both commercial and residential plumbing services. Our plumbing services in Geelong are classified into two, that is, commercial and residential plumbing.

Commercial Plumber Geelong Services

There is no need for you to continue losing business because of plumbing issues. You can call us at any time and our emergency service plumbers will respond. Our team of plumbers are just a call away and will help ensure that you resume business in no time. Our commercial plumber Geelong services include:

  • Gas fitting.
  • Backflow services including installations, testing and prevention.
  • Sewer and drainage services
  • Toilet leaks
  • Tap and pipe leaks
  • Water filter services, that is, installations, repairs and replacements
  • Gas safety checks and repairs
  • Water conservancy
  • Hot water installations, repairs and maintenance
  • Renovations and alterations

Domestic Plumber Geelong Services

Our domestic Plumber Geelong services include the above and the following:

Gas plumber Geelong

Gas can be very dangerous if not properly regulated. Our gas team of gas plumber Geelong help with any gas plumbing issues including, gas fitting and appliance installation, leak detections, safety checks and gas line replacements.

Roof plumber Geelong

If your roof is leaking, do not hesitate to call us. We offer repairs for leaking roofs, leaving you and your family to enjoy having peace of mind.

  • Hot water services, including installations, repairs and maintenance services.
  • Drain camera services.
  • Plumbing excavations.
  • Leaking pipes and taps.
  • All other services associated with plumbing.

Benefits offered by our plumber Geelong services

Skilled and professional

We maintain a high level of professionalism in our Plumber Geelong services. Besides, our plumbers are highly skilled and well trained in this industry. Additionally, they are licensed and insured meaning that you will feel at ease leaving your plumbing issues in their hands. Our team of plumbers have been highly trained on how to maintain ethics. Therefore, they maintain honesty throughout their service.

Value for money

Our price rates are very competitive. In addition, we ensure that you get value for your money. Employing our plumbing services will guarantee you a long period of peace without having to deal with plumbing issues in your premises.

We do not compromise on quality

When it comes to quality, we do not compromise. Besides, quality is the foundation on which our company is built on. We have built ourselves a reputation through ensuring that quality services are offered every time.

Punctual and Reliable

Our plumbing Geelong services are available 24 hours of every day. Therefore, you can call us at any time, and we will have your problem attended to instantly. Additionally, our team is trained to maintain punctuality. Hence, they begin and complete given projects in the timeline given.


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How To Deal With a Blocked Drain Geelong

Posted by on April 23, 2019

What Causes a Blocked Drain Geelong

Blocked drains Geelong are caused when food particles and hair is washed down the drain and are build up over time causing the blockage. It’s also caused when leaves are washed away in the rain down to the pipeline, and when the roots of the tree expand to find a source of water. In this case, the root can spread to the waterline and that can be a major problem. Nevertheless, whatever the cause of the blockage, and regardless how big the problem is, there are experts and specialized equipment that can resolve these issues without requiring too much toil.

Call an Expert Plumber for your Blocked Drain Geelong

As mentioned before, there are experts (plumbers) who specialize in handling big and small problems concerning blocked drains Geelong. They can handle these problems regardless of the complexity fairly easily. There is also specialized equipment they have to fix these problems.

Many people may think they can solve these blocked drains Geelong themselves, but that can cause even more problems, which in turn would most likely be more expensive. But with licensed plumbers, they use specialized water jets to eliminate particles, such as oil, food, and hair. They also have CCTV cameras that show a view of the interior of the drainpipes. This would ensure that drains are able to clear quickly without unnecessarily stripping the sink. Additionally, they will also advise you on how to avoid the problem from happening again, and they can provide a maintenance schedule.

New Technology to Fix a  Blocked Drain Geelong

Blocked drain Geelong is no longer a big problem as it once was a long time ago. Living in an advanced technological age, blocked drain Geelong and sewage repairs are taking care of with top of the line, and state of the art equipment.

Other things that plumbing experts can offer their clients with blocked drain Geelong issues includes the following:

  • Surrounding areas- blocked drain Geelong and surrounding areas are normally cleaned with the service.
  • Long term warranty- plumbers always offer a long term warranty.
  • Payment – plumbers normally accept most credit cards and offer discounts to regular clients.
  • Professional- licensed plumbers are professional, on time, responsible, reliable, courteous, and offer great customer service.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed- plumbers should guarantee their work to your satisfaction.

Blocked drains Geelong are caused by various foreign objects that are washed down the sink causing a blockage. It’s also caused when leaves are washed away in the rain down to the pipeline, and also when the roots of the tree expand to find a source a water to the waterline. But take heart- there are always experts and specialized equipment that can resolve big and small problems right away. Blocked drain Geelong is no longer a big problem. Because of the advanced technological age, blocked drain Geelong and sewage repairs are taking care of with top of the line, and state of the art equipment. And there is a reputable and licensed plumbing professional near you.


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