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Where can you find a comprehensive hot water system installation service in Geelong?

Posted by on May 9, 2022

When you need assistance in the hot water system department, who do you call? Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing is a local company that takes pride in providing an excellent customer service for anyone in need of hot water system services. We specialize in commercial and residential hot water systems. Whether you need a hot water system for a large complex or a small family in a single home, our professionals are fully equipped to successfully manage your services.

How do you know which hot water system you should choose?

Do you know the different types of hot water systems that you can choose from? Our skilled professionals will assist you in choosing the right hot water system to fit your needs and budget. Here is a list of the different types of systems you can choose from.

• Conventional Storage Systems

This system offers you a storage tank to keep a specific amount of water always heated in the tank.

• Tankless Systems

This is an energy-saving system that is great for small families or couples. If you do not need large amounts of hot water, then this could be a great option to save energy and money.

• Heat Pump Systems

The heat pump system brings heat from other areas through pipes to heat your water.

• Solar Water Systems

The solar water system is an energy-efficient system that uses the sun for energy to bring the heat element to your water.

• Tankless Coil Systems

This system heats the water as required. The water passes through a coil and heats only the water you require. This is a great option to save money if there is only a limited amount of people residing in the home.

Who has the most affordable prices in the area for installation, repair, or routine maintenance services?

Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing has a wide variety of options that will be tailored to your individual needs and budget. You can rely on our skilled professionals to follow all standards and regulations that are required to get the job done right the first time. We want to ensure that you have an extended life from your hot water system.

What should you look for when choosing the right model?

• Size

If you have a small family, you do not need a large system that holds more water that you will use. When it comes to hot water system size, size matters.

• Energy Efficiency

Are you interested in saving money each month? If you are on a budget, then you should always check to see the energy efficiency of the system.

• Fuel Type or Energy Type

Where does the hot water system get the power from? This source is important for being able to power the entire home’s water system. The variety of fuel or energy types will have a serious determining factor for your costs.

• The Ultimate Cost

How much does the system you are interested in cost? The costs are a huge factor in determining the availability of the unit for you.

If you need assistance in choosing the right hot water system for you, then contact our friendly professionals right away. We are always happy to assist our customers with any questions regarding our services or prices. We will work closely with you to ensure the process is simple and fast to get you back to normal life as quickly as possible.




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Three Essential Services that Local Plumbers in Geelong Offer to Businesses and Residential Areas

Posted by on April 25, 2022

Within any town or city, home and businesses owners rely on professionals to provide a variety of services. One of the most commonly known and used is the local plumber. In fact, because local plumbers provide a wide diversity of services that some people may or may not be aware of, you should pay close attention to the services that these professionals are offering. So, let us get started by covering a brief explanation of each of these 3 types of plumbing services.

  1. Gas Leak Services

Did you know that your local plumber is skilled in the art of diagnosing and repairing gas leaks? Even though most people are very familiar with plumbers fixing blocked drains, some people may not know that these professionals are contacted by business and homeowners for gas leak problems, too. For instance, if your gas plumbing malfunctions or stops working completely, you should contact your local plumber in Geelong for the help that you need.

  1. Consultant Services

Plumbers are not only known for troubleshooting the causes of blocked drains and burst pipes, but these professionals are also contacted for their professional advice and recommendations. For instance, if you are installing a new hot water heater in your home or office, they can advise you on what types of installations will be required. The advice that they provide you with will help you to determine if a gas water heater or electric water heater is the best option for you. And they can help to walk you through the process of finding the highest value for money that you have available. This is especially true if you are concerned about choosing a specific brand of water heater or electric heater that will not only last for years but will also provide you and your family with reliable and superior services.

  1. Sewer Lines Underground Services

In addition to providing business and homeowners consulting services, professional local plumbers are also contacted for problems with underground sewer lines issues as well. In fact, the inspections that these professionals make when they arrive at your home or business will help to determine if the fix will be easy to repair or a repair that is much more complex. For instance, a local plumber in Geelong may trace the sewer line problems that you are encountering back to one of the following:

  • Root of a tree growing underground that disrupts the sewer line
  • Sewer line pipes old and need to be replaced with a complete new set of pipes
  • Sewer line pipes are broken due to cold weather, particularly if the pipes are not insulated appropriately for that geographical area.
  • Sewer lines backed up due to clogs that won’t move (i.e., large blocks of grease in the pipes)

Your Local Plumber Can Provide a diverse Range of Services

Local plumbers provide a wide range of essential services to the towns and cities that they support every day. Some of these services you may or may not be aware of, particularly as it relates to gas leaks that may appear to be out of the scope of their expertise. Or other plumbing problems like damaged sewer lines that can be found underground instead of inside of a business or home.

So, if you need a local plumber to address your concerns, contact Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing at phone number 1300 368 866. Our experts are trained to offer a wide range of services, including using the most advanced plumbing equipment like drain cameras, sewer jetting or hydro-jetting drain cleaners, carbon monoxide testing equipment, gas leakage detection meters, hot water system temperature and pressure testers.



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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Gas Plumber in Geelong

Posted by on April 11, 2022

Gas lines deteriorate with time. So, normal wear and tear is expected. But there are cases when gas appliances malfunction or stop working altogether. When this happens, then it’s only natural that you’d want to get the gas lines inspected. It’s the only way to determine if it’s still safe for use.

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of leaking gas lines. So, you should know better not to ignore it. You need to call a Geelong Gas Plumber immediately to take care of this problem.

What Does a Gas Plumber Do?

A gas plumber is a licensed worker specialized in gas-related plumbing. They primarily work with gas lines and the appliances connected to them. They work hand in hand with gas engineers and other Geelong Gas Fitters.

Here’s what a Gas Plumber in Geelong does:

  1. Install, inspect, and repair gas lines and other components, particularly pipe fittings, valves, regulators, meters, etc.
  2. Clean and maintain gas lines
  3. Mount and dismantle equipment such as stoves, water heaters, ovens, fireplaces, boilers, etc.
  4. Assemble manufactured components according to design or specific requirements
  5. Attend emergency or urgent repairs related to gas lines, appliances, or equipment. They work with suppliers to get the part needed to complete the job.

How Can a Gas Plumber Help You?

Why would anyone require the services of a Gas Plumber in Geelong? There are many reasons for this. But at the core, it’s all about keeping you and your loved ones safe. We all know how dangerous a gas leak can be. The risk of a fire or explosion is very real.

We don’t want to imagine the worst, but accidents do happen. We recommend that you call a Geelong Gas Plumber immediately you notice any of the following signs:

Your gas appliances are malfunctioning. A Gas Plumber in Geelong can help you troubleshoot the problem to determine whether it’s the appliance or the gas line that’s causing the trouble.

You smell a strong odor of natural gas. It is one of the telltale signs of leaking gas lines, and it’s not something you want to ignore.

There’s a hissing sound coming from your gas appliances. When you hear such noise, call a gas plumber in Geelong immediately and be sure to stay away from the appliance for safety reasons.

You suspect a gas leak due to a broken gas line or equipment. Don’t waste time and contact a Geelong Gas Plumber immediately. They can accurately determine the cause of your problem and recommend a solution.

How to Hire a Gas Plumber in Geelong?

Simple, really. Just look for a Gas Plumber in Geelong on Google. But, if you’d like some tips to guide you along, we’ve got your back:

  • Make sure the gas plumber and any other contractors working with them are licensed and experienced. That’s very important as they will be dealing with gas lines and appliances, and any careless mistake from them is enough to put your life in danger.
  • Ask for references and contact the people who’ve used their services before. Call them, ask about their experience with the gas plumber you’re considering, and find out what they like/dislike about the company.
  • Check their reviews on Google and other review sites. An excellent rating is a good indicator that the gas plumber can be trusted.
  • Schedule a consultation with the gas plumber to know more about their services and price. You can ask for an estimate depending on the nature of your problem.

If you’re looking for a Gas Plumber in Geelong, be sure to check out Geelong 24 Hours Plumbing services (https://www.geelong24hourplumbing.com.au/gas-plumber-geelong/). We’re always available and ready to serve you 24/7!

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Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber for Your Bathroom Renovation

Posted by on March 28, 2022

Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting undertaking that could add great value to your home and leave it looking chic and beautiful. As tempted as you might be to carry out this project on your own, it is advisable to leave your Bathroom Renovation to the experts. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Trained Experts

Plumbers are trained experts that understand the ins and outs of plumbing and bathroom fixtures. They understand everything that should happen before, during, and after a renovation, including the local codes, allowed changes, and permits. By hiring a professional plumber, you can rest easy because they will handle all the legalities and technicalities to give you beautiful and safe results.

2. Efficient Bathroom Design

A professional plumber will come in handy during the initial planning of your renovation project. Through their experience, they can identify the best places to locate your bath, toilet, shower, basins, and other fixtures. Essentially, you should care about fixture positioning because it dictates whether water can run through your pipes and determines the spacing.

3. Strong Structures

In most cases, your plumber will work hand in hand with the builders and carpenters to ensure that the piping and drainage installation is completed before tiling and fitting. This will ensure that all your bathroom fixtures are connected to the drainage and piping and the entire system is free from leaks. During the Bathroom Renovation, you can also expect your plumber to:

  • Add and position bathroom sinks
  • Install all required plumbing lines
  • Move drain lines
  • Check for and fix possible leakages

4. Professional Opinion

Another reason to hire a professional plumber is that they are the best source of information about the different pipes and fixtures you should use. They can assess the condition of the pipes and determine the best types to go into your bathroom, so you don’t end up with faulty piping in a few weeks or months. Ultimately, a plumber will save you a lot of time and money during your renovation.

5. Safety and Protection

A lot could go wrong during a renovation project, especially one involving a wet, slippery bathroom. This is one key reason you should leave this project to a trained plumber that can ensure no pipes or fixtures are damaged during the renovation. Additionally, most plumbers have insurance, which means they have protection should any accidents or mistakes occur during the project. This will ensure your safety and save you money in the long run.

Call Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing Today

If you are looking to launch a Bathroom Renovation project in Geelong, Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing is the answer to all your problems. Our team of trained, expert plumbers specialize in plumbing issues like burst pipes, leaking taps, blocked drains, gas plumbing, and hot water systems. We also help you maintain plumbing fixtures and installations to ensure the safety of you and your family. Even better, we are open 24 hours! Contact us today at 1300 368 866 to learn more about our services.


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Three Common Advantages of Hiring a Professional Geelong Plumber

Posted by on March 14, 2022

If you are a new home or business owner, you may be very interested in the information presented in this article. Since many homes and businesses have a variety of different repair and maintenance issues, you need to know how to find the right solutions every time. In fact, you need to know exactly when to contact a professional plumber for the services that they offer.

Though the best solution for plumbing problems may vary based on the owner’s expertise, there are common advantages of hiring a professional plumber to do this work for you.

1. Identifies the correct source of a low water pressure problem without making mistakes

While there are many kinds of plumbing problems that home and business owners may encounter, one of the most critical involves faucets with low water pressure. The signs of low water pressure can be annoying, and it is important to establish the cause of the problem. If low water pressure problems are not resolved and fixed as soon as possible, you may have leaks in the pipes that can cause water damage to your floors and other areas.

This is also one of the main reasons why a professional plumber should be called in right away. In fact, when a professional is onsite, they have the tools and the equipment to identify problems like leaks in the piping system and damages in sewer lines.

2. Provides the exact assessment of no hot water in a home or business facility

In addition to identifying the source or sources of a low water pressure problem, professional plumbers can also identify why there is no hot water coming out of the pipes. Since no hot water issues can lead to very unhappy occupants of a home or business, the right solution must be pinpointed as quickly as possible. For instance, these professionals may see small problems that can be identified and repaired quickly.

On the other hand, when the hot water does not run in any room of the home, it may indicate a variety of issues, including a system that has completely broken down. It is also important to note that professionals are trained in troubleshooting and identifying simple and complex issues without having to spend extra time and money guessing. For instance, here are a few possible problems that may be related to the lack of hot water inside of your home or office building.

  1. Leaking Storage Tank
  2. Gas Leak
  3. Electric Water Heater Malfunction
  4. Failing Gas Valve
  5. Malfunctioning Thermostat
  6. Burst Hot Water System

3. Provide emergency plumbing services

Another great advantage to hiring professional Geelong Plumbers is in emergency situations. For instance, if the water pipes in the home burst or a gas leak is discovered, these repairs must be fixed right away. Any unnecessary delays may result in risks to life and costly damages to the home or office structures.

Where to find a Geelong gas plumber

The work professional plumbers do is essential for several reasons and purposes. From installing a new hot water tank inside of a new home to repairing broken pipes in an office building, these professionals are essential to maintenance and upkeep in any facility.

So, if you need to hire a fully licensed plumber today, contact Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing Phone number 1300 368 866. Our experts are trained and highly recommended for providing services using the latest plumbing equipment like drain cameras, sewer jetting or hydro-jetting drain cleaners, carbon monoxide testing equipment, gas leakage detection meters, hot water system temperature and pressure testers.

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Benefits of Using Sewer Jetting to Clear a Drain Clog

Posted by on February 28, 2022

Even though there are many ways to clear a clogged drain in your home, some tend to be a lot more effective than others. Therefore, if you are looking for the best ways to clear a blocked drain in your kitchen, laundry, or your bathroom today, you need to pay close attention to a process that is called sewer jetting (i.e., hydro jetting). Hydro jetting can be described as a process that gives licensed plumbers a way to clear out clogs by injecting high pressure streams of water into the pipes of your plumbing, it is a method that many plumbers are highly recommending to their clients and customers alike.

Keeping these things in mind, here are 3 awesome benefits of using hydro jetting to get rid of any clogs in your home’s piping systems today.


Hydro jetting is considered to be a very effective method of completely cleaning out your piping systems. By using a pressurized stream of water to force out all the dirt and trash, you can expect everything in the pipe to be flushed out and clog free. Also, when these thorough jobs are done, every drain in the home can function properly. For instance, the homeowner and their family can run the water completely down each pipe freely without encountering problems like slow drains in the kitchen or the bathroom.

2. Sewer Jetting is an excellent Solution for Removing all Residue

As mentioned above, hydro jetting is an excellent plumbing solution for a number of different reasons, including getting rid of all of the old residue that’s in your pipes. Because this build up can form obstructions that prevent water in your drain from flowing freely, these hydro jetting systems are an excellent option. Therefore, if you are looking to remove very old slime and residue that lines the inside of your pipes, this is one of the most effective and proven ways of cleaning everything out at one time.

3. Proactive affordable Solution

No, you do not have to wait until there is a plumbing problem in your home surfaces. You can be proactive with an affordable solution that works very well. For instance, because sewer jetting is a lot more affordable than other cleaning techniques, you can use it to prevent costly problems. This solution is also great for addressing clogs and blockages before someone in your home complains about slow drains or blockages in your kitchen or other areas in your home. That said, here are some ways that you can save huge sums of money.

  • prevents burst pipes due to excessive backups
  • this equipment can be used to address repeat blockages


Yes, there are many great benefits to using hydro jetting to clean the pipes in your home. Therefore, if you need to hire a fully licensed plumber for this job, call Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing at 1300 368 866. Our experts are trained and highly recommended for all kinds of plumbing, and they are also experts in sewer jetting.




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Three Reasons to Hire a Roof Plumber to Help You Protect Your Home

Posted by on February 14, 2022

Due to the constant changes in the weather today, homeowners all over the globe are experiencing a wide range of issues with their homes. From making sure large amounts of rain does not create leaks in the roof to keeping the sidewalks and driveways completely free of debris. Whenever the weather changes, there is a lot that homeowners must do to protect their homes and property. It is very important that every homeowner has the resources that they need to protect their homes from unnecessary damages.

If a homeowner needs professional help, it is imperative, they get the right expertise to assist them. This is one of the main reasons why a roof plumber should be a huge part of their team of resources.

Here are a few reasons why a professional roofing technician can help you in protecting your home.

  1. Inspects the Roofing System

The roof on top of your home is designed specifically for several critical purposes. Aside from keeping the rain and hail from dropping freely inside of your home, one of its primary functions is to protect the structure itself, including the walls from mold and mildew. So, your roof needs to be inspected regularly to identify any areas that may be damaged, especially when some of the shingles from the roof are lying around on the ground. This is also one of the top reasons why you must call a local roof plumber to come and inspect your home.

  1. Replacing Roofing System

After an inspection has been completed, the professional roofing technician may simply recommend making repairs to your roof. In these situations, the condition of the overall roof may be relatively good and can last for several more years. On the other hand, the condition of the roof may be too worn, moldy, and damaged to last any longer. So, the roofing plumber may recommend a full or partial roof replacement. If this is the situation, they will not only provide you with an estimation, but also explain why the work needs to be done. For instance, if they find too many leaks in the roof that cannot be repaired properly, the roof will need to be replaced to protect the structure of the home.

  1. Clean out Gutters

Another great reason to contact a professional roofing technician is to clean out your gutters. Cleaning out the gutters of your home is not a luxury for people who can afford it. This is a critical part of a home’s upkeep. For instance, if you hire a roofer plumber to do this job, it can help to protect the home in the following ways:

  • Prevent water damage
  • Protect the roofing system
  • Keep pest infestations from compromising the roof’s quality and durability
  • Reduce the risks of foundational cracking
  • Helps in saving money


As you can see, there are many essential reasons to hire a roof plumber today. So, it is very important that you know when you need their resources. With the assistance of this licensed professional, you will know exactly when repairs and roofing replacements are needed. From helping you to install a new durable roofing system to replacing damaged shingles on the roof, you can contact Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing at 1300 368 866. Our experts are trained and highly recommended in performing a wide range of roof plumbing services, including roof flashings, coverings, and guttering services.


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Professional Plumbing Advice for Your Blocked Toilet in Geelong

Posted by on January 31, 2022

If you’re having issues with your drains, whether it is a home sewer drain blockage, a storm pipe problem, or a blocked toilet issue, Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing can help you unclog your blockage problem in no time. At Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing we have specialized tools and equipment, as well as plumbers who are dedicated to serving our clients in a professional way. So, if you happen to have any pipe or plumbing-related problems, don’t hesitate to call us for quality and perfect services. In today’s guide, we will take you through some basics and DIY tricks you can perform to unblock your toilet as you wait for our team to handle the problem.

What are the consequences of having a Blocked Toilet?

Having a blocked toilet in your home or commercial spaces presents your home as unhygienic or dirty, where visitors or guests won’t feel comfortable. The whole scenario is just shameful, and without forgetting its health hazards, it exposes your home to;

  •  Clogged toilets trap water which can provide active breeding zones for mosquitoes
  •  Active sites for germs that cause cholera, bilharzia, and all germ related diseases
  •  If you are a pet owner, your favorite companion might find their way to the overflow carrying germs around your home.
  • Clogged toilets and pipes will trap residue and induce rust in your pipes and appliance, leading to serious health issues.

What causes Toilet Blockages

Toilet blockage can be a result of flushing larger solid particles into the toilet siphon pipe. Some people tend to flush leftover food and other solid matter in the toilet bowel, and often these particles are larger than the pipes, which means they will get stuck in the siphon pipe, thus blocking the whole system, leading to an overflow. When flushing anything in your toilet, ensure all the particles are crushed and have no tendency of cramping together after crushing them or flushing them down the drainage system.

When flushing things in your toilet, avoid the following;

  • Solid particles tend to clamp together especially if the water is soapy.
  • Stones or concrete or any solid matter.
  • Foodstuffs
  • Baby napkins or wipes.
  • In fact, nothing but toilet paper should be flushed down the sewerage pipes.

Some DIY tricks you can try to unblock your Toilet

While you are waiting for Geelong 24 Plumbing to service your blocked toilet, you should consider the following:

  • Add a cup or two of baking soda to your toilet and wait for five minutes.
  • Next, pour two to three cups of ordinary vinegar slowly into your toilet bowl.
  • Allow them to react and mix and then pour some hot water down the pipes which will hopefully clear and loosen the blockage.

Obviously, you can only attempt the above if your toilet is not completely blocked. The water still needs to be slowly running through the pipes for this method to have any effect. If the water is not running at all then its best to not attempt any fixes and immediately contact an emergency plumber.

How to find an Emergency Plumber

If the home DIY methods don’t work, call Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing services to help you unblock your toilet. They can attend to all other drainage and plumbing tasks in your home using an advanced drain camera and drain equipment. We also specialize in hot water system repairs, gas plumbing, replacement and repairs of burst pipes and leaking taps. You can reach us on 1300 368 866 or search online at Geelong 24 hour plumbing for quality and great plumbing service.




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Three Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber in Geelong

Posted by on January 17, 2022

Plumbing systems can misbehave when you least expect them. Your regular plumber might not be available to address whatever emergency you might have. Fortunately, an emergency plumber in Geelong is a phone call away. If you’re wondering what types of services emergency plumbers offer and why you need them, read on.

The reasons for calling an emergency plumber

You need an emergency plumber because:

You want to get a permanent plumbing solution

It’s normal to panic when a plumbing emergency sets in. A burst pipe or clogged drain is a symptom of an underlying plumbing issue. Even if you have the tools to address the problem, you can never be sure if you’ve solved it permanently. An emergency plumber already knows how frustrating such a problem can be. Therefore, they will use their skills and experience to put an end to your nightmare.

It saves you money

You might feel that an expert plumber is a waste of money, but what you don’t realize is that a small problem like a leak or burst pipe signifies a bigger problem in your plumbing system. Even if you apply DIY methods to fix the problem, eventually, you will spend more money replacing the entire system. Hiring a plumber for what seems like a minor problem may seem costly now, but it will save you thousands of dollars buying or replacing the entire system.

It assures you of safety

Plumbing jobs are not only technical but also risky. Even if you go at it alone, you can never be sure if you’ll evade the risks. Fortunately, a professional plumber knows all the safety protocols to follow. They are trained to handle potentially hazardous situations in the correct way. For example, if your water heating system is not functioning properly, it will be risky trying to fix it because electricity is involved. You lack the experience and skills to connect electric wires, which is why you should get a licensed plumber to handle the job.

The types of services an emergency plumber in Geelong conducts

Emergency plumbers handle basic tasks that a regular plumber would usually attend to. The only difference between the two professionals is that emergency plumbers are available 24/7 seven days a week.

These professionals handle plumbing issues like:

  • Leaking and burst pipes
  • Blocked drains and toilets
  • Gas fitting and leakages
  • Hot water system installations and repairs

Another way you can benefit from hiring an emergency plumber is their expert opinion. They are well-versed with plumbing system protocols and compliance requirements, allowing them to advise you accordingly when you run into an emergency.

At Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing, we understand the pain and frustrations you face whenever a plumbing emergency occurs. We aim to solve the problem so that you can focus on other life obligations. Over the years, we’ve assisted homeowners and business owners with plumbing issues in Geelong such as drain jetting for blocked drains, gas and hydronic heating, roofing and guttering services, and other plumbing jobs. If you have any plumbing problems or need professional advice, call us on 1300 368 866 and we’ll be at your service.



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Three Common Reasons Which Can Cause a Burst Pipe in Geelong

Posted by on January 3, 2022

If you are a homeowner, you may already know how important it is to fix small problems before they grow. Since today’s small home maintenance problems can easily grow into tomorrow’s costly repairs, you need to pay special attention to home maintenance systems like your plumbing. This is especially true for those of you who do not want to deal with broken pipes and the damages that they cause.

Before you can address problems with your pipes, however, you need to know the reasons why pipes burst. That said, let’s get started with 3 of the most common reasons why your pipes may burst and how to avoid them.

1. Your Pipes may Freeze

Every homeowner needs to make the appropriate preparations before the winter season sets in. As the temperature drops, the water in the pipes is subject to freeze, and then burst if not taken care of immediately.

Therefore, to avoid these issues altogether, you need to make sure that you implement a Burst Pipe precautionary system to avoid a burst pipe in Geelong. Simply put, you need to make sure that you have a piping system that is well insulated so that the cold air does not cause the water in the pipes to freeze. You can also install pipes that are not considered to be rigid. Instead, you need to install pipes that are plastic or copper so that they can expand appropriately whenever it is required.

2. Encroachment of Tree Roots

Another common reason for pipes bursting is the encroachment of tree roots inside of the piping systems. Once this happens, the pipes are subject to burst because of the built up pressure that causes them to crack. Repairing these problems can be very time consuming and you will need the help of a trained professional to take care of these and other related issues.

To avoid these problems, you need to make sure that the trees on your ground are planted in the best places on your property. For instance, you should always position your trees far away from your piping systems so that the growth of the roots does not affect them.

If you have trees that’s already planted in the wrong places on your property, it’s best to get an assessment of the work that needs to be done to protect your plumbing piping system. Start these projects as soon as practical to avoid severe issues in the near future.

3. Age and Corrosion

You should also know that pipes can burst due to its overall age, especially when the old steel pipes are completely covered with corrosion in and out. Once the pipes begin to corrode your  system may start to crack and eventually completely burst over a period of time.

Addressing these problems does not have to be difficult. In fact, when you take proactive measures to review the condition of your piping system, you will have an opportunity to replace the old pipes with new ones. Also, instead of replacing your piping systems with steel, you will have a chance to replace all your pipes with copper or with plastic materials. Copper and plastic materials are now being used to prevent problems with corroded pipes and insulation requirements

For a piping system inspection call Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing

If you and your family are concerned about the pipes in your home bursting during the winter or any other time during the year, you need to make a proactive Burst Pipe in Geelong plan to avoid issues that you can control. By addressing your pipes and their condition early, you can save time, money, and the headaches of removing old stale floods of water from your home.

If you want the best possible plumbing services available in your local and surrounding areas, contact Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing at 1300 368 866. Our trained and licensed plumbers can advise you on plumbing installation and fixtures, blocked drains, and plumbing system repairs.


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