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Local Plumber Geelong – Video on Local Plumber Geelong 7 October 2019

Posted by on October 7, 2019


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Call Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing for Any Emergency Plumbing

Posted by on October 1, 2019

Here at Emergency Plumber Geelong we offer a fully comprehensive emergency plumbing service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter if the emergency is at your home, business or commercial property, our team of qualified emergency plumbers can work quickly and efficiently to deal with any plumbing problems that may occur.

Emergency Plumber Geelong offers Professional and Affordable Services.

The team at Emergency Plumber Geelong are fully dedicated plumbers trained and licensed to carry out emergency plumbing work on your property. We offer no obligation up front quotes, so you know exactly what you will be paying for. We also offer a fixed service price. We offer a quality service and all our plumbers will arrive on time, be professional and friendly and will get the job done as quickly as they can.

For a blocked drain specialist call Emergency Plumber Geelong

One of the most common plumbing emergencies is the blocked toilet drain and this needs to be dealt with quickly before damage occurs to the floor of your bathroom.

Common signs of a blocked drain Geelong include:

  • Gurgling noises from the pipes or toilet
  • Foul smell coming from the drain
  • Toilet water level will be higher than usual
  • Toilet water takes a long time after flushing to lower 

If you do notice any of these signs that your drains might be blocked, then please do call Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing and we will be with you quickly to solve the problem.

Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing are Specialists in Emergency Hot Water System Repairs.

If you have a hot water system that is simply not working then call on Emergency Plumber Geelong to help get it working again. We can repair both gas and electric hot water systems. The plumbing team at Emergency Plumber Geelong have years of experience and can soon get your hot water back on again. However, if we find that you do need a completely new hot water system and we are unable to get one to you that day, please do not panic. Emergency Plumber Geelong always carry emergency hot water systems with us, for you to use until your new system is available.

Here at Emergency Plumber Geelong we also provide many other emergency plumbing services. 

  • Blocked kitchen drains
  • Gas fitting service
  • Leaky taps Maintenance service
  • Burst Pipes
  • Blocked Storm Water Drains
  • Blocked sewers
  • Roof Leaks

What to do while waiting for the emergency Plumber Geelong to Arrive

It is important to know what to do prior to the arrival of the emergency plumber. Emergency Plumber Geelong suggest following the below advice.

  • If you have a blocked drain, while waiting for the Emergency Plumber Geelong service to arrive you should stop running the water, using the washing machine or taking a shower. You should also not flush the toilet or access the hot water system until the emergency plumber arrives.
  • If you have a burst water pipe, then firstly don’t panic. Call Emergency Plumber Geelong and turn off the water to your property.
  • If you have a leaking tap, then once again call Emergency Plumber Geelong and turn the water meter off.
  • Finally, in the case of a burst hot water system, then you do need to take certain safety precautions. Call Emergency Plumber Geelong and be sure to keep children and pets away from the leaking hot water. 

Be rest assured that plumbing emergencies are our specialty. Plumbing emergencies are incredibly stressful and frightening but please do not worry. If you have any kind of plumbing emergency, please do contact Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing and we will help you.

 If you are having further issues, get in touch with a great plumber from Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing


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It Pays to Know When to Call an Emergency Plumber Geelong

Posted by on September 23, 2019

We all want to live in a clean home because it is a refreshing and fulfilling experience. However, one of the most common events that deprives us peace in our homes is plumbing problems. While water is generally a harmless thing, it can be disturbing when we have a problem with our plumbing system. This happens when water floods into areas where it is not supposed to be, resulting in costly damages. That’s where the services of an emergency plumber Geelong are needed most. Some of the main reasons why you must call an emergency plumber Geelong include: 

Call an Emergency Plumber Geelong for your Overflowing Toilet

This is one of the most frustrating experiences that one can have in their home. This problem can lead to a nasty mess that is accompanied by a foul smell. Getting the blocked pipes fixed can be a challenging task. For that reason, it is advisable to call an expert Emergency Plumber Geelong who can help detect and fix the problem. Consequently, you will be able to save time and money and prevent the damage from getting out of control. 

Call an Emergency Plumber Geelong if you have no hot water

This is a frustrating issue, particularly in winter when you need hot water most. Lack of hot water may be caused by several aspects that you may be unable to tackle. Some of these aspects include bad overload or a defective thermostat. Either case, it is advisable to call in an emergency plumber Geelong to help you solve the issue. 

Call an Emergency Plumber Geelong for a burst pipe

This is another major cause of plumbing emergency in the house and is certainly one that requires you to call in an experienced plumber Geelong. Depending on the location of the bust pipe Geelong, you could be faced with a large amount of water flooding into your living space and potentially causing damage to your valuable property. Instead of trying to repair the busted pipe you (which may lead to further damage), be sure to dial the number of a professional emergency Plumber Geelong straight away. 

Call an Emergency Plumber Geelong for frozen pipes 

If you reside in an area that is prone to freezing temperatures during the winter season, you will agree that frozen pipes are a major cause of concern. In most cases, you will notice your pipes are frozen because there is no water flowing to the sinks and faucets in your house. Avoid the temptation to warm the pipes on your own. Instead, call an emergency plumber Geelong who is knowledgeable on the right procedures to fix the issue. 

Call an Emergency Plumber Geelong for low water pressure 

Low water pressure in your home can be annoying especially when you require the water urgently. Obstructions in pipes and defective supply lines are some of the factors responsible for reduced water pressure. Be sure to call a qualified Emergency plumber Geelong when faced with low water pressure in your home. 

Experiencing emergency plumbing Geelong problems can be extremely frustrating. It is advisable to have the phone number of a 24-hour plumber Geelong in case of any emergencies. It is important to have an emergency plumber Geelong you can always count on.


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It’s Good to Know When You Need to Hire A Local Plumber Geelong

Posted by on September 16, 2019

Know when to employ a Local Plumber Geelong

Knowing when you should hire a Local plumber Geelong can save you money in the long run. Many people attempt to fix a plumbing problem themselves. Often the job looks simple enough but without the necessary skills you could do more damage than good. If you are not a handyman with some plumbing knowledge it is probably advisable to employ a qualified local plumber Geelong.

If you have any of the following problems call a Local Plumber Geelong

A drop in water pressure throughout the house: This problem can be caused by: A water leak, obstructions (rust or debris) in the water lines, low water pressure from the main city supply, or even a poor supply-line design.

No running hot water: Unless the hot water system Geelong tank is leaking, it might be hard to determine the cause. Hot water system problems can include heating elements, circuit breakers or blown fuses, faulty thermostats, or a bad overload switch. Gas hot water system Geelong problems include thermocouple burners and igniters.

Replacing a hot water system Geelong: Think very hard before attempting to replace a hot water system Geelong by yourself. Remember, your professional local plumber Geelong can carry the new one to the basement, hook it up, make sure that it works properly, and dispose of the old hot water system Geelong.

Sewer line blockages: If you cannot get the sewer line to stop backing up, you probably have a bad blockage in the line that runs out to the main sewer, which is often tree roots. Call a professional local plumber Geelong or blocked drain-cleaning service. If the problem cannot be cleared using basic methods, they will have the necessary equipment to clear the blockages without damaging your drain pipes.

Extensive water line damage: Repairing water line damage, which is usually caused by freezing, can take many hours. Here you will require the services of a local plumber Geelong to be able to determine where the damage is located. The local plumber Geelong will have the necessary tools and parts to perform the repairs. This is a job for the professionals and should not be attempted by an unqualified person. The consequences of this could be severe and the costs could escalate if further damage is done to the plumbing pipes.

If you are having further issues, get in touch with a great plumber from Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing

Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing is your local plumber Geelong specialist. If you have an issue with a blocked drain Geelong or hot water system, then you need a 24 hour plumber Geelong or an emergency plumber Geelong to service you. You might also reach out to a gas plumber Geelong to help you. It’s important that you have a Plumbing Geelong, plumbers Geelong you can trust. Drain Camera Geelong and Carbon Monoxide Testing Geelong are other service we offer to our clients.

We service many suburbs including: Plumber Geelong West, Plumber Newtown, Plumber Geelong East, Plumber Hamlyn Heights, Plumber Waurn Ponds, Plumber Highton, Plumber Corio, Plumber Inverleigh, Plumber Whittington, Plumber Thomson, Plumber St Albans Park, Plumber South Geelong, Plumber Rippleside, Plumber Ocean Grove, Plumber North Shore, Plumber North Geelong, Plumber Norlane, Plumber Newcomb, Plumber Mount Duneed, Plumber Moorabol, Plumber Moolap, Plumber Marshall, Plumber Manifold Heights, Plumber Lovely Banks, Plumber Leopold, Plumber Herne Hill, Plumber Grovedale, Plumber Geelong City, Plumber Fyansford, Plumber Drumcondra, Plumber Curlewis, Plumber Ceres, Plumber Breakwater, Plumber Belmont, Plumber Bell Post Hill, Plumber Bell Park, Plumber Batesford, Plumber Armstrong Creek

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Drain Camera Geelong – Video on Drain Camera Geelong 9 September 2019

Posted by on September 9, 2019


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The Advantages of Being in Contact with a Reputable Emergency Plumber Geelong

Posted by on September 2, 2019

Homeowners and occupiers need to ensure they have an emergency plumber Geelong to call for investigative purposes when they feel that something is wrong in their plumbing system or they have a plumbing emergency.  For emergency situations, homeowners or occupiers should also know where to get emergency plumbers that can do the job well. No one truly knows when an awkward situation may arise with their plumbing system.

Owners of apartments, big and small houses, and even dorms need the services of an emergency plumber Geelong to check on their toilets, drains, hot water system and kitchen pipes. People who want to save on plumbing try to do the job by themselves, but when they break something or have done it incorrectly, they decide to call a qualified emergency plumber. This always costs the person more. At the very start, if you think you can’t do the job well, especially if you’re a first-timer, it’s wiser to let a plumbing professional do it for you. It can be very dangerous to perform plumbing work yourself.

Why you need an emergency plumber Geelong:

  • At anytime, a faucet could leak in your home or a blockage could happen in your bathtub. When you can’t close the faucet anymore and the water keeps flowing, it’s time to call an emergency plumber. Close the main line while the emergency plumber Geelong is still on the way.
  • When there is a damaged pipe somewhere causing water leakage. Keep in mind that this is not a DIY job because you’ll have to replace the pipe perfectly with a new one, without creating a leak in connecting both ends. Moreover, a plumbing company has special tools to do the job.
  • For mounting or fitting of the required equipment to create proper functioning of your sewage, natural gas, and water connection systems.
  • When you have a problem with leaking fixtures like sinks, drain pipes, sewage, and other leaking fixtures.
  • You need an emergency plumber for installation and maintenance of new piping system or fixtures.
  • Especially, if you want a new heating system installed, fixed or maintained.
  • Instances where your hot water system no longer works and you are now having cold showers. Oh boy!

How to find a qualified emergency plumber Geelong

Finding an expert emergency plumber Geelong may not be as easy as you think. You can find a lot of them out there but finding the best one may be difficult. Ask for referrals from your family and friends and search the Internet. When you have short-listed a few plumbing companies, check on their background, previous clients and prices.

Make sure that you only get trusted and reputable people to work inside your home. Read online reviews from their clients.

The best method is to get in touch with a professional plumbing business like Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing


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The Importance of Using a Qualified Gas Plumber Geelong

Posted by on August 26, 2019

There are many plumbing projects a homeowner can take as DIY project but that excludes anything pertaining to gas fitting and repairs. Gas plumbing is a complicated and dangerous job that should only be handled by a qualified gas plumber Geelong. If you need anything done on your gas system, don’t risk blowing up your home, just call the experts. A gas plumber Geelong can be defined as an expert that services and installs natural gas fixtures in both commercial and residential places. Apart from installations, they also repair, maintain and fit regulators, gas meters, burners and valves.

Some companies say that they offer plumbing and gas fitting services but be aware that gas plumbing service is a different career line with special training and qualification requirements. However, it’s possible to find some plumbers who can do gas fitting projects including repairs, maintenance, disconnections and installation.

A gas plumber Geelong may perform and assist on these tasks around your home: 

  1. Read and interpret construction drawings, specifications or plans
  2. Identify, by measuring several things, where gas equipment should be located
  3. Test functionality of the piping system used for gas appliances
  4. Fix and install gas pipes and appliances that use gas and other related equipment
  5. Provide homeowners with appropriate information about how to properly maintain and correctly use gas equipment
  6. Schedule maintenance of the system as required
  7. Install flues for gas appliances
  8. Fit gas detection systems and install pressure regulators
  9. Install LPG systems for mobile travelers using caravans or boats

Make sure the gas plumber Geelong you engage is licensed

When choosing gas plumbers ensure that they are appropriately licensed and qualified. Different types of licenses apply in different state – authorization notes, permits or certificates of competency. You can find more information on how to select a qualified gas plumber Geelong from building and construction associations in your area. Just like any other types of plumbers, a good gas plumber Geelong should have an emergency service that is available 24/7 because some problems happen at odd hours.

Call a gas plumber Geelong to install or repair all your gas appliances

Apart from installation and inspection, a professional plumber is the only expert you need to trust for any gas appliance project. Never attempt to install the equipment by yourself if you want to stay safe and protect your property and your family. The experts are the only ones with the right knowledge to fit appliances properly and ensure that the system is receiving appropriate ventilation, test the units and adjust as necessary. They also ensure that the entire system complies and meets the set safety and regulation standards. 


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The Many Sources of a Blocked Drain Geelong

Posted by on August 19, 2019

Every homeowner would have experienced a blocked drain at some stage. You will know how frustrating and annoying this can be. Blocked drains happen for a variety of reasons. Read this article to see some of the common causes of a blocked drain Geelong

Common causes of a blocked drain Geelong

Unknown Objects

Blocked drain Geelong will usually occur when strange objects or materials such as soaps, fats or food build up become caught between the drainpipe and the pipes that flow underneath. At the start, the material may not completely block the drain. However, as time passes, these materials will continue to collect which will prevent water from flowing freely and could eventually cause the drain to get blocked up. Toilets block up regularly due to too much toilet paper, sanitary items and even nappies being flushed down them – of course if you flush a nappy down the drain it will clog up! Young children are often the culprits for blocked toilets as they are not sure what can and cannot go down the drain. Kids like to flush everything down the drain including full rolls of toilet paper, toys and even the toilet brush.  

Hair Issues

A large build up of hair can also cause a blocked drain Geelong in your home. If the hair and blockage is not removed frequently, this will prohibit water from flowing through the drain. Hair can be trapped before it enters the drain by using a device. However, it’s important that you are still cautious about hair going down the drain. It’s easy to bypass this issue.

Tree Branches and Leaves

Autumn is a dangerous time for your drain to block up. Trees around your house will lose their leaves, which can potentially land up in your drains. This can potentially cause an annoying blockage. It’s important that you keep your garden clean and tidy. Frequently remove leaves that have fallen on the grass to prevent a blocked drain Geelong.

Moreover, it’s not just leaves tree leaves and branches that can block a drain, tree roots try to locate water and where better than a drain? They will crack pipes over time and potentially block a drain as the tree roots get inside.

Grease & Oil Fat

It is extremely often that grease and oil fat cause a blocked drain Geelong. Its annoying as it’s incredibly easy to avoid this from occurring. When you pour oil fats down the sink, they will stick to the pipe walls. Over time, this will build up so much that no other liquids can get through the pipes. Therefore, be very careful and keep a close eye on what liquids you pour down your kitchen sink. Always stay on the safe side and exercise some caution.








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Plumber Geelong – Video on Plumber Geelong 12 August 2019

Posted by on August 12, 2019


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Some Eco-Friendly Plumbing Advice by Your Local Plumber Geelong

Posted by on August 5, 2019

Saving on water (and energy) is important for the environment. Often, just updating some of your equipment around the home or fixing a problem can result in saving a lot of water and energy – which is good for the environment and you! While there is a heap of water on earth, most of it is not fit for human consumption. Your Local Plumber Geelong can give you some great ideas on ways to save on water consumption.

Local Plumber Geelong suggests some great ways to make your own home more environmentally friendly. 

  • Installing a low-flow toilet can result in 30% less litres of water used per flush. Considering that toilets represent about 30% of your household water usage (second only to the shower), this is a significant water saving. Get a quote from your Local Plumber Geelong.
  • Installing a low-flow shower head can result in 50% less litres of water used per shower. On average, a five-minute shower with a regular shower-head will use 100 litres of water. A five-minute shower with a low-flow shower head will only use 35 litres of water. A good quality low-flow shower-head will feel the exact same as a regular one. Save water and save money at the same time by installing a low-flow shower-head. Your Local Plumber Geelong can help you with the installation.
  • A semi filled bath saves more water than a short shower. A comfortable bath usually takes approximately 150 litres of water. A shower uses about 11-20 litres of water per minute. Doing the math, that means that if you’re going to take a shower for about 10 minutes or more, it’s more economical and you’ll save more water if you take a semi filled bath.
  • A leaky faucet can waste up to 75 litres of water per day.  Keep an eye out for leaks and have them fixed as quickly as possible. Loosing 75 litres of water a day is equivalent to a half filled bath from above!
  • A running toilet can waste up to 750 litres of water per day! That’s a lot of water being used for nothing. Your Local Plumber Geelong can check your home for water leaks.
  • Consider purchasing a tank-less water heater. A tank-less water heater in some cases can save you up to 40% on energy for hot water. Discuss the possibility of installing one with your Local Plumber Geelong
  • Keep an eye out for hidden plumbing leaks. Plumbing outside the home often go undetected unless you look for them. Approximately, up to 30% of water entering supply-line systems can be lost to leaking pipes. Make sure you call your local plumber Geelong if you notice this occurring.
  • When rinsing fruits and vegetables, do not use running water. Fill a small bowl with water to rinse the fruit and vegetables instead.
  • Turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth, and only use short bursts to rinse out your mouth.
  • Clean your sidewalks and driveway with a broom and not a garden hose.
  • The best method to check if you have leaks in your water system is to turn off all taps in your home. Then go to the water meter for your home and see if it is still running. If its still running, you have a water leak somewhere. Contact your Local Plumber Geelong immediately.



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