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Water Damage from Brocken Pipes

Posted by on February 10, 2014

Water damage can vary from a small amount of wood warping or swelling cabinets to more serious damage like buckling of floorboards and damaged walls.

Small drips of water can cause damage in a specific spots. It is essential that you locate the leak be detected early enough so the damage can be limited.  A Geelong plumber will be able to assist you locating the leak. Unfortunately small leaks usually only happen while water is in use and only stop when the water is tuned off. Taps usually only leak when water is running through them. This makes the leaks can very hard to detect.  You might notice a wet spot but it will eventually dry out. You may open and close a bathroom or kitchen cupboard door many times before seeing any damp or wet patches.

Water leaks that occur from drainage pipes supplying your home with water have water flowing into them constantly so the leaking will be constant.  This is great as it makes it easier for a Geelong plumber to locate the leak.  Importantly, with any leaking pipes the sooner they are repaired the less damage they are likely to cause.

Below are a few prevention tips to avoid water leak damage to your home:

  • Check the water supply lines and pipes to major appliances for wetness, bulging hoses or other signs of deterioration.
  • Unclog the drain if pipes are draining slowly and check pipes under the sink for signs of water leaks. You might need a Geelong plumber to help you unblock the drain.
  • To reduce leaks and avoid major repairs, replace your hot water system every eight to twelve years. A Geelong plumber will be required to help you install a new hot water system.
  • Check for wet patches on walls or in gardens after dry weather months.
  • Place food dye in the toilet cistern to check for leaks in the toilet. This works really well to locate leaks.
  • Make sure all your appliances are turned off such as taps, toilets are not dripping; washing machine or dishwashers and other appliances are not running.  After you have turned everything off, check if your water meter is still ticking over.

If you suspect a water leak in your home, it is recommended that you call a  plumber Geelong immediately.


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