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Why It Pays to Fix Your Leaking Tap Geelong

Posted by on October 14, 2019

Leaking Tap Geelong is not only irritating but also indicative of deeper plumbing problems and an expensive waste of water. A leaking tap is far more complicated than you may think. As such, attempting to fix it yourself may even worsen the situation. Any attempt can potentially make a Leaking Tap Geelong repair cost you even more to fix it later. Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing is your perfect plumbing company. 

General causes of Leaking Tap Geelong

1. A cartridge that requires replacing     

A cartridge is a ceramic handle used to operate your water tap. When they start leaking, it is an indication that they whole valve inside your faucet needs replacement. Our plumbers will check closely to establish if they are the cause of your Leaking Tap Geelong. We will then use our expertise to remove and replace it without further damaging the system.

2. A damaged O-ring

O-ring, typically located inside your tap handles, plays a crucial role. It provides a waterproof seal. When the O-ring is damaged, a leaking handle ensues. Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing has everything to fix the resulting Leaking Tap Geelong. We will perfectly replace the damaged O-ring with another of the right size.

3. An improperly installed or corroded washer 

Corroded washers are the most rampant causes of Leaking Tap Geelong mainly because these tiny pieces are prone to corrosion. If the problem started soon after initial installation, possibly your installer did not position the washer correctly inside the compression valve resulting in the leak. Once we establish that this is the cause of your leaking tap, we will use our expertise to reverse the situation.

Entrust the experts with your Leaking Tap Geelong

Even what appears to be simple Leaking Tap Geelong requires a lot more than you can imagine. Our technicians take ample time to diagnose your system. They then use everything at their disposal to fix your system in the best way possible. We subject every leaking tap to a dedicated effort, careful utilization of specialized tools, and use of state-of-the-art technology to fix the problem once and for all. At times, a Leaking Tap Geelong calls for an overhaul of the entire sink to effectively deal with the issue.

We will fix your Leaking Tap Geelong comprehensively

Besides fixing your Leaking Tap Geelong, we can also identify and repair all other faulty sections in your plumbing system. Several other components could be at various stages of deterioration. Sooner or later you may experience a different problem with the system. While repairing the tap, we will also check loose valves, minor pipe defects, and broken gaskets and accordingly make a recommendation to you. 

Advantages of fixing your Leaking Tap Geelong

Save money and eliminate inconveniences by having your Leaking Tap Geelong repaired by the proficient Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing. While fixing the possible causes above may be simple, it is easy to damage other crucial sections or even incorrectly install the parts. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment to deal with your Leaking Tap Geelong right the first time.


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