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Why You Need a Plumber to Fix Your Leaking Tap in Geelong

Posted by on September 27, 2021

Nothing will have you call a plumber faster than an overflowing toilet or burst pipe. However, do you know that having a dripping or leaking tap can cause significant damages to your health and property?

A leaking tap in your Geelong home leads to several hazards like:

Water loss – those minor drops you ignore lead to a wastage of thousands of litres of water, which depletes the resource unnecessarily and increases utility expenses each month.

Mould and mildew – mould will produce mycotoxins that cause allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and hypersensitivity. Most of the building occupants will suffer from these health conditions.

Structural damage – when you fail to fix a leaking tap in Geelong, it will cause significant damages to your building. This often affects the walls, floors, and foundation, and repairs will cost a lot of money.

Although a leaky tap might seem harmless initially, it can cost you a lot to fix the damages if you do not act fast.

What Causes Leaky Taps?

Your faucet can leak due to various reasons. First, the tap components could be loose or damaged because of constant usage. Getting a plumber to fix this problem costs less because they will repair the parts or replace them if they are damaged or too old.

Another cause is incorrectly installed faucets. If you opted to DIY or your friends or loved ones convinced you not to hire a competent plumber to install your taps, you will face issues sooner than later. The taps will drip regularly, and unless they are installed again by a professional, you will put everyone and the building at risk.

Finally, you can have a leaking tap issue because your entire household plumbing system is not functioning optimally. For instance, an inconsistent water pressure issue can lead to dripping. The only solution is getting a plumber to examine the system and fix it.

Why Get a Plumbing Expert to Repair a Leaking tap in Geelong

Choosing to tackle plumbing problems without knowing what you are doing will lead to time wastage. Besides, you will risk damaging the plumbing system further and cause property damage. So instead of making multiple trips to the nearest hardware store trying to get supplies or watching many DIY plumbing repair videos online, give Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing a call. 

Here is why:

We have a team of seasoned plumbers

We carefully choose our team of plumbers to ensure they offer the best service. In this case, they will diagnose the cause of the leaky tap and come up with a customized solution. They will also identify other plumbing issues you likely did not know about that could have resulted in major issues later on and fix them.

We have the right tools

Tools needed to repair a leaky tap in Geelong do not always come cheap. Besides, knowing which tool to buy to fix your specific issue might not be easy. You can save time and money by calling us. Our plumbers have all the plumbing repair and installation tools like cutters and strap wrenches in our vehicles and will serve you promptly.

We offer a service guarantee

When you hire a plumbing company like ours to fix your leaky tap, the plumbing materials and service are backed by a warranty. So, if you face any issue after the repairs are done (which rarely occurs), we will not charge you for any additional services.

You deserve to get top-notch service when you have a leaky tap, so speak to Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing, your friendly and reliable plumbing company. We can even help you with repairs for blocked drains, hot water systems, burst pipes, and gas plumbing too. Call 1300 368 866 today!


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