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Assign Carbon Monoxide Testing to Professionals

Posted by on August 30, 2021

Although your gas heaters and brick chimneys play an essential role in keeping your home and business warm throughout the cold season, they can be a potential danger when the system fails, and there is a carbon monoxide emission. This colorless and deadly gas is emitted when you have a faulty or malfunctioning gas appliance, and the only way to avoid exposure is to invest in carbon monoxide testing.

At Geelong 24 hour plumbing, we have been saving lives by ensuring homes and businesses are safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. We have invested in advanced equipment and highly trained staff to ensure our customers do not get poisoned by carbon monoxide unknowingly. So, if your property has not been checked for carbon monoxide leakage this winter, perhaps it is time to call us.

Our seasoned plumbers are fully licensed and certified, so we will perform the task you assign to us to the highest standards. You will not have to worry about the substandard workmanship that is common in the industry today. When our plumbers get to your home or office, they will test for the deadly gas leaks on wall furnaces, space heaters, gas water heaters, central ducted heaters, ovens, cooktops, and other similar appliances.

Usually, gas heaters leak when:

  • The gas heating units are faulty
  • They have not been maintained or serviced regularly
  • They require repair, or some components need replacement
  • The unit is too old to burn the gas completely

So, if you cannot remember the last time, you contacted a service provider to check your Geelong home or company for carbon monoxide leaks, or you resonate with either of these mentioned signs, perhaps it’s time you scheduled a carbon monoxide testing appointment with us. Our plumbers will do a thorough test and do the necessary to ensure your property is safe.

How Can You Tell That There’s Carbon Monoxide in Your Home?

Now that we have mentioned that carbon monoxide is a colorless gas, you must be wondering how you can know that it is present in your business or home. The truth is that some warning signs can be identified if you are alert.

For instance, gas flames should always burn blue, so you may need this service if they are burning orange or yellow. The same applies if you find it unusually hard to light a fire or it is burning slowly. Also, look out for symptoms like tiredness, frequent severe or mild headaches, breathing difficulties, confusion, nausea, sleepiness, and severe chest pains among your loved ones or workers. If there are recurring cases from different people within a short span, then you should seek carbon monoxide testing services right away.

Please do not risk your life and that of your family or staff by exposing them to carbon monoxide. Geelong 24 Hour Plumbing is dedicated to your safety and well-being, so call us on 1300 368 866 if you have any carbon monoxide leak issues. Our service is guaranteed so you can be sure of getting the much-needed protection from this deadly gas. You can also rely on our plumbers if you need a professional to fix your leaking taps, malfunctioning hot water system, gas plumbing, and any other plumbing problems.



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