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Professional Bathroom Renovation Services in Geelong

Posted by on September 13, 2021

With a lot of Do-It-Yourself information and content on the internet, one can be tempted to consider undertaking bathroom renovations and remodeling projects on their own. While this is possible, there are a lot of risks involved, considering the complexity and risky nature of the plumbing. Hiring a professional bathroom plumber is thus essential to help remodel your bathroom while also avoiding some of the underlying risks.

Why You Require a Qualified Plumber to Assist with a Bathroom Renovation

The need for a professional plumber to help renovate your bathroom space is essential. While DIY may seem easy and cost-effective, it may result in extensive damages, which may worsen the situation for you and your family. Hiring a professional, thus, will help you in the following ways:

  •  Health and Safety Considerations. Plumbing involves a lot of things that may not be visible to non-professionals. The broken pipes, leaks, and clogged drains may contain contaminants and bio hazards that can extend beyond one household, putting the health and lives of the community at risk. Thus, professional plumbers who take precautions and follow strict protocols should be the ones to handle your bathroom plumbing needs.
  • Insurance Cover. Undertaking bathroom renovation on your own can void your insurance cover. Any work performed by an unqualified or unlicensed person cannot be covered by insurance. Any damages, therefore, sustained on walls, floors, or fittings cannot be compensated by the insurance agency.

Importance of a Qualified Plumber to Help in Bathroom Remodeling

  • It is essential to consult a professional both in your bathroom renovation’s initial planning and execution stages to advise you on fixtures, faucets, toilets, showers, baths, and basins placement, thus ensuring a quality outcome.
  • Flooring and pitching. Flooring and pitching are critical in bathroom plumbing as shoddy floor work may result in flooding and accidents, thus posing a safety and sanitation risk.
  • Once the design is ready, professional plumbers can consult with the carpenters and builders on piping and drainage installation, connect all the new fixtures and fittings to the piping and drainage, and thoroughly test the system for leaks.

Our professionals have the knowledge of fixture positioning, the right tools and materials, knowledge, and hands-on experience on installations, thus capable of providing quality and exceptional work, while also saving on costs.

Mistakes that a Professional Bathroom Plumber Can Help You Avoid

By hiring a professional plumber to help renovate your bathroom, you can avoid mistakes that may be costly in the long run, including:

  • Over-tightening connections may result in the cranking of pipes and joints.
  • Failure to turn off the main water line resulting in potential contamination disaster and flooding.
  • Poor tools and material selection: Involving a professional plumber who understands and knows the right tools and materials to use can help you save on costs by avoiding materials that are easily corroded.

At Geelong 24 Plumbing, we specialize in renovation plumbing and can help you with any problems concerning your bathroom. If you have any emergency plumbing needs, you can reach us through Phone number 1300 368 866. Our experienced teams are available 24/7 to help service and maintain your plumbing installation and fixtures, as well as all your plumbing-related issues such as blocked drains, burst pipes, hot water systems, leaking taps, and gas plumbing.



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