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Tips on Installing a Hot Water System Geelong

Posted by on August 19, 2018

Hot Water System Geelong don’t last forever

It’s Monday morning. You’re getting ready to jump into the shower so you can get ready for work. When you turn the handle for “Hot,” only cold water comes out – your hot water system has failed, and as usual, at the least opportune time. So, instead of having it serviced from time to time you expect it to just chug along and magically make hot water forever. Unfortunately, for many reasons such as rust and corrosion, they eventually give out and need to be replaced. The easiest way to do this is to have a Plumber Geelong come and replace it, but if for whatever reason you can’t do that, this will serve as your tutorial for doing it yourself. If you give this a good reading, as well as four to six hours, you can be up and running with a new hot water System Geelong.

Selecting the correct Hot Water System Geelong

There are probably several places close to you where you can buy a hot water system Geelong. That’s not a problem. What you need to do to make this as easy as possible, is to pick the same type of fuel that you are already using, whether gas or electric. For this tutorial, that is what we will assume you will be doing. It’s usually not a problem to move up to a slightly bigger hot water system if you so desire. The only thing keeping you from this is the amount of clearance between the hot water system Geelong and the wall behind it. If you have the room for a bigger one, get it if you want to.

Make sure the fittings of your new Hot Water System Geelong are the same as your old system

Check the plumbing. Now you are ready to install your hot water system Geelong, but before you do that you will need to make sure the connection dimensions are the same. Otherwise, you will need to make adjustments to the connections to make them fit. Hopefully the plumber who did your installation did the job right, saving you a lot of extra work.

Get help in installing your hot water system Geelong

Now for a word of caution: When you move your hot water system Geelong from where it is and bring in the new one, you will probably need help. Hot water system Geelong are very heavy and trying to wrestle one by yourself is foolhardy. Get some help and save yourself some doctor bills.

Procedure in replacing your hot water system Geelong

Shut off the utilities. Begin by turning off the water at the main or at the hot water system Geelong. Next, you need to turn off the fuel source. If you have an electric hot water system Geelong, turn off the circuit breaker at your main board as well as the power supply at your hot water system Geelong. If you have a gas water heater, turn it off at the main and at the tank. Next, drain the tank.

Remove and replace the hot water system Geelong. You should use a spirit level to make sure it is set up properly.

Install the fittings, connect the fuel sources, turn on the water, and let it go.

You have replaced your hot water system Geelong.

Important laws and safety information regarding installation of your hot water system Geelong

Before you even attempt the job make sure you know the laws regarding installation of your hot water system Geelong. Some states have safety requirements and it is prohibited to install a hot water system unless it is done by a qualified tradesman.

If this is the case, you are obliged to call in a qualified plumber Geelong who will be able to do the installation in a short period of time.

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